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Multiplayer/Buddy List Issues - STEAM

First Issue
Just recently bought the game and am having a problem with the multiplayer. When my brother and I tried to play the first time, he started a game and he was right there in the "buddy" tab in the lobby, and I joined his game no problem. Now he doesn't show up at all in the buddy tab, whether he or I start the game. The game is visible in the "internet game" tab, but not on the buddy list. And I don't see any way of adding him as a buddy. I was under the assumption that any Steam friends that own the game automatically show up under the buddy tab, but I don't know if that's true or not. Anyone else having the same issue?

Second Issue
The multiplayer games that I try to save as favorites don't stay there. No matter how I try to save them, my favorite list is always empty. Additionally, my history tab is also always empty. It never keeps my game history or shows any game I've ever started or played.

One note: I've noticed that the bug involving the privacy settings. I've changed all my privacy settings to public, and my brother has done the same. No change to the problem.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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