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What is fhte best lawful good Two handed sword in chapter 5 on wards?

I want to replace Lilaracor because it is driving me insane... I have grandmaster two-handed sword and +2 to two weapon style so I am itching for something better than this please respond asap


  • xizorxizor Member Posts: 40
    Before ToB your best options (other than Lilarcor) are probably:

    1. Harbinger - can be bougth in Ust Natha, but it is tricky to use.
    2. Silver Sword - if you keep the silver blade and refuse to give it back to Githyanki you'll eventually find the second part. Take them to Cromwell.
    3. Warblade - can be bought in Adventurer's Mart after chapter 5.

    There is one more, but it is only usable by paladins.

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