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LOB No Cheese Fun Run with added RealTank(™)

taniwhataniwha Member Posts: 5
LOB No Cheese* Fun Run with added RealTank(™)
*Ok, there’s minimal cheese, but it’s more like cottage cheese so does it really count?

What I’m aiming for:
A very fun run with extended, tactical, difficult battles. Nothing so impossible that it requires cheese**. Minimal downtime. Rediscover the challenge of every quest/area and having to use (non-cheesy) old-school tactics to win fights!

Self-Imposed Rules (No judgement on people who do these things, they just don’t float my boat personally)
LOB difficulty BUT increased dam turned off (Insane way too easy, full LOB dam requires cheese)
No mods. (I’m on iPad anyway and can’t be bothered with workarounds)
No arcane magic cheese - No project image or simulacrum or mislead from mage (or thief with mage scrolls/wands)
No summons (I want to see My toons tearing through the mobs, not skellies or planetars!)
A real tank (DD) that actually tanks! (Probably the most difficult thing given that AC virtually useless without cheesing mage protections which I’ve always hated.) So minimal setup cheddar needed:
**Tank has DoE from beginning (for phys resist)
**Tank has iMoD for level drain defense from beginning.
No equipment cheese (imports, duplications, money cheats)
Minimal resting
No pre-buffing. (This stuff is so boring!)

Difficulties expected:
Doing enough damage fast enough so that tank survives, especially as mage damage relatively nerfed by LOB mode, and archer dam resisted by so much.
Managing adds / protecting squishies
Certain bosses’ damage output (from LOB huge thac0)

5-Char Crew:

Main Tank
Dwarven Defender.
Tomes: +1 con, +1 cha
DoE + Shield + shield profs (I love that shield profs actually useful in LOB to make tank able to survive ranged). DoE + iMoD dual wielding for fighting undead.
Strengths: tanking physical dam. Insane saves. Insane hp. Good thac0. Great AC (though this doesn’t matter much as resist dam > AC)
Weaknesses: maze/imprison, massive damage spikes.
Tactics: go in first and go in alone. Gain Aggro. Weather the storm.

Off tank + buffs
Dwarf F/C
Tomes +3 wis
Weapons: 1h + shield
Strengths: good thac0, low AC, good hp, cleric spells!, turn undead, great saves
Weaknesses: Slow casting, maze/imprisonment
Tactics: Chant (for reducing enemy saves) then other buffs. Fight as needed.

Melee Damage
Dwarf Berserker.
Tomes: +1 str
1h + 2-weapon profs. 2-h + profs later for standing behind tank tactics.
Strengths: maze/imprisonment immunity. Great thac0. Great saves.
Weaknesses: physical dam due to low AC for melee, level drain (until iMoD)
Tactics: go in second, defend squishies, tank adds, pummel high threat enemies

Ranged Damage + Interrupter + disabler
Elf archer.
Tomes +1 dex
Shortbow + long sword + shortsword profs.
Strengths: insane thac0, damage (though I know many mobs resist piercing), range, Hide in Shadows, disabling anti-mage/high-threat with Called Shots
Weaknesses: saves, maze, imprisonment, physical dam, magical dam, level drain. Basically don’t get hit.
Tactics: go in 3rd & hidden, target spellcasters then target high-threat/main tank’s enemies. Doom for hard enemies.

Utility + Disabler + Anti mage + Damage
Human swashbuckler 10 > mage (thief skills 100 locks, 100 find traps, 100 detect illusion)
Tomes +1 int
1h/sling + shield
Strengths: thief skills, disabler spells, buffs (imp haste, imp invis), anti-mage spells, damage
Weaknesses: low hp, low thac0, non-targeted magic dam (until protection spells)
Tactics: Go in last & invis, breach spellcasters, support the tank: Greater Malaison > disabling spells, buffs as needed

Are there any parts of SoA or ToB that would be impossible with this setup?
Will a 5 char crew level too slow in the late game? Can I still hit level cap? (Would prefer not to cheese spell scrolling or farming xp)

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