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BG Mobile - resources?

Are there any game machanics FAQs for Baldur's Gate mobile? I feel stupid asking this. I'm trying to read scrolls and can't figure it out for the life of me. I have most other things figured out. Anyone know how?


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,558
    Hi @moparman, if by 'read scrolls' you want to write them to your book, long press (which is equivilant to Right Mouse Click on PC) on the scroll in your inventory, it should then allow you to read/write. If by read scrolls, you want to use them in battle or buffing etc, then place them in your quick slots and and select them from the World Bar.

    I don't know any any specific document; most of it is the same, but there is no problems in asking here for those abstract actions. Someone is likely to answer.

    Hope that helps

  • moparmanmoparman Member Posts: 46
    That helps! Many Thanks! I'm kind of surprised how well it translates. I now have hours of fun on my iPhone for $1.99. Love it! Still better than any AD&D inspired game on Mobile for me. Many of the new ones are too complicated, the controls are not intuitive for an old bastard like me (I'm not swearing, I really am a bastard). :D

  • dukdukgoosdukdukgoos Member Posts: 6
    I'm still hoping someone puts together a comprehensive mobile UI guide at some point. The interface was so frustrating to me I just gave up and went back to PC. I'd like to play on mobile some time but don't have the time to struggle with the UI without a guide.

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