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What was the first character you ever made?



  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,818
    IIRC, my first one was definitely a ranger.

    In particular when I was playing during HS. I think I'd normally go with the stalker kit (eventually in 2) and longswords, but then I got frustrated with a game crash sometime in ToB. I don't think that ranger ever really finished the game.

    I was reading a lot of Salvatore at the time as well, which prolly influenced my ranger pick even more.

    Nowadays, I'm more of a Cavalier or Inquisitor paladin in most games.

  • butteredsoulbutteredsoul Member Posts: 109
    edited January 10
    I don't remember. I suffer from alt-itis, so I usually make lots of characters before I complete a game. The first character I completed the series with was an evil female human cleric who I turned into a cleric of Talos in BGII. It was an evil party run through WITHOUT Viconia because of my PC. My second run-through was a good party with my halfling halberd grandmaster fighter Muppo Mopkins, who went Wizard Slayer in BGII. My third run-through was an all neutral party with an elf mage->Wild Mage PC named Rideau Rizwyk.

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,701
    edited January 10
    For my first character I took my advice from Dave Milward's walkthrough from Sorceror's Place ( I used a walkthrough straight away as I was afraid the game would be too hard for me otherwise ). I even picked the name from the walkthrough: Gildor, an Elven Fighter-Mage. I went through the portrait options to find a fitting portrait, picking Xan's portrait without knowing Xan was an NPC I'd meet along the way. I don't know what happened to Xan, I think the game gave him a replacement portrait, but I can't really remember.

  • AnstalisAnstalis Member Posts: 5
    I was around 8 when I first started playing. My dad got me into DnD and he read all the books so while I hadn't read about Drizzt yet, I knew who he was and that he was a Ranger. This influenced my decision to play as a Ranger, though a human one that I played like a fighter(Full plate, Sword and shield, etc.).

    I do have two distinct memories from my early playthroughs. 1) Having my entire party suddenly die from the poison given to you by Marek and Lothander. I couldn't figure out was happening and had to have my Dad help me. 2) New Year's Eve 1999-2000 trying to kill the group at the top on the Iron Throne building and dying over and over. Finally had to give up, but next morning getting them on my second attempt.

    P.S. I did have one game I played before that I played with my older sister. I was in charge of the pause button lol

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,818

    I really enjoy the S&S ranger and wish there was a way to lean into it more in D&D.

    Then again, I was someone who wanted to play a main character through IWD2 before as a Paladin/Ranger/Fighter so *shrugs*

  • thruddthrudd Member Posts: 96
    Thrudd of Corse.... Human : Barbarian: TN STR: 25 CON:25 DEX:17 INT:5 WIS:14 CHR:10 \ Giant 2H Axe Vorpal Blade ( on a Roll of a Natural 20 The Victim's Head is Decapitated * Special Ability * This Occurs on Any Type of Humanoid/Non Living Object)……

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