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ToTL: Castle Maluradek questions...

Hi, please can you spoil me on the following for the Enhanced Edition:

* Can anyone kill the Spectral Cook on the ground floor before he runs away? Is there a reward for doing this?
* At some point in your progress through the castle in the original version, Hobart disappears, which is really annoying because I'd like to sell all the junk I've found from the castle. He is definitely gone by the time you defeat the Luremaster (why can't he hang around for a while to buy our loot?). Is this also the case in the Enhanced Edition, if so, at what point does he disappear?



  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 1,775
    * No, there is no reward for killing the Spectral Cook.

    * I'm not sure about the pre-enhanced game, but in the enhanced edition the only scripted way Hobart can disappear is if you kill the Luremaster.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 239
    edited January 3
    * Yes, the Cook and Courtiers have a lot of hit points which makes them hard to defeat, probably the best way is turning them with a high level cleric I've learned. They don't offer any XP/gold rewards though.

    * I've learnt that when you pull the lever on the dungeon level 3 there's no turning back to Hobart, so this is the point where I should finish trading with him I think, if he's gone once the Luremaster is defeated...Thanks!

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