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Possible Memory Leak

MaladusMaladus Member Posts: 3
edited January 2019 in Technical Support
I am posting here to report what I believe to be a memory leak that was introduced at some point in one of the patch updates to the game. I typically play on Arelith and after about an hour or so of doing dungeon runs or any other activity really I notice that my perf begins to dip. Upon restarting the game perf is back to where I expect it to be with FPS upwards of 90+

The issue should not be related to my system in any way as I run a Core i5-6600K at 3.5GHz with 16GB RAM and a nVidia GTX 970. I have not done a check in Task Manager to see if the game increases its memory footprint over the course of a play session.

If anyone else is experiencing this please don't let this thread die.


  • XelasargXelasarg Member Posts: 3
    I'm having the exact same issue on my Android (Galaxy S9+): max fps (60), but after a while, they drop down to 10-15. Save, close & restart the game, and I'm back at 60 fps.

    Also, this game is from 2002. I played it on a Geforce2 Ti back then. Your 970 is WAY faster than that, so it's absolutely impossible that your fps drops are hardware related. 🤓

    It also can't really be an issue with my phone's hardware either, it can handle modern AAA titles like Fortnite without breaking a sweat. I agree with you that this might be a memory leak.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,589
    Hello! Please report it via our bug tracker, in a similar way to

  • XelasargXelasarg Member Posts: 3
    I already reported it (NWN1-153 Frame drops after a few minutes), and found a rather complicated fix:

    It's obviously not a memory leak, but a cpu affinity issue. It seems that my phone's cpu management moves the whole process to the power saving arm.LITTLE cores as soon as possible, which results in abysmal performance.

    What I did is use a tool called GLTools (unfortunately requires a rooted device), to apply a fake cpu profile. This allows me to trick NWN into believing my phone has only one cpu core instead of eight. As a result, the game will be permanently executed on one of the primary high performance cores.

    I've played several hours now without any frame drops, so I can safely confirm this as a working solution.

    As a conclusion, you should look into possible ways to force the game to be run on the primary cores at any time, and prevent it from being offloaded onto the power saving cpu cores.

  • XelasargXelasarg Member Posts: 3
    Lol, the solution is actually far easier, and doesn't require root: all I had to do was disable power saving mode for NWN:EE.

    All thanks to support (Sonia)for coming up with this 🏆:
    - Go to your phone Settings
    - Go to Apps
    - Select three dot menu (Top right corner)
    - Select 'Special Access'
    - Select 'Optimize Battery usage
    - 'Find NWN:EE on the list and make sure that it is not selected. [It will be selected by default.]

    Btw sorry @Maladus for hijacking your topic. 🙏 Maybe this will help you in some way, too. 🤞

  • MaladusMaladus Member Posts: 3
    Any ideas on how you can force the game into staying on a single core on PC?

  • MaladusMaladus Member Posts: 3
    Figured out how to force the process to use one core, will see how it fairs in the coming days.

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