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NWN EE Android key rebinding?

I am currently playing Neverwinter Nights on my Android phone and everything is working quite well, except for one jarring issue, the manual camera control.

Generally this kind of Isometric games do not allow real-time camera control when implemented to touch screen. It's good that this game offers that, but my issue is why the horizontal camera axis(which is the only axis allowed to be controlled in this version, remember I could control vertical axis as well on the original PC version) inverted by default? By this I mean that, when I put my finger on the camera control zone and swipe right, the camera moves left and vice versa! It's horribly clunky for me and after playing so many games on touchscreen that horizontally moves the camera in the direction swiped, it's getting on my nerves! Neither can I change this from the in-game setting, nor from editing any files on Android>Data>com.beamdog.nwnandroid folder where it downloads all it's stuff. Is there any way I could possibly do it? Thanks for listening to me.


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