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Decent quarterstaffs in IWDEE/HOW

Hiya. I'm thinking of starting the game soloing a CG beserker/thief who specialises in quarterstaffs...which is not going to be easy given I think that there aren't many decent staffs in the game that non-wizards can use...the only ones I know of are:

* Quarterstaffs + 1 dotted here and there
* The Staff of Eron from Kuldahar (expensive)
* The Staff of the Hand (but it's a random and I'm unlikely to find it if I play fair, which I plan to do...)

Have I missed any at all? Several of the really good ones can't be used by mages, so I won't list them here. Cheers!


  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,299
    There's also Spendelard's Protector, a quarterstaff +1 that gives you +1 AC, which you can get as a random drop from Kerish in Chapter 5 (a random drop that could also get you a +4 halberd). :|

    So yeah, there aren't any really good staves for non-spellcasters. But the Staff of Eron will still get you through the game; there's no creature in Icewind Dale that it can't hit.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 792
    staff of summoning, given by troll summoner in dragon eye

    it's that one or Eron. IWD staffs are mediocre.

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 336
    Sadly Moradin’s staff is only useable by clerics, and Summoner’s staff only by wizardy types. Not sure about the new staff of besieging from HOW....spendelard’s staff is nice but not very effective offensively, which is what a finter/thief is all about :)

    Looks like Eron’s staff is the best choice then, but it costs a lot. Thanks!

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