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Anomen's Romance won't start

Hey guys,

Anomen's romance won't start for me. Can someone tell me the console lines to check the romance or to initiate it manually?



  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    His romance is tied to his side quest i believe.

    C:SetGlobal("AnomenRomance","Global",1) should set him to trigger the next dialogue, assuming the romance has started and there isn't a pre-requisit condition not met, unsure if there are any in his romance.

    C:SetGlobal("AnomenRomanceActive","Global",2) i believe that should set the romance to active (1 is not started, 3 is romance ended)

    If the side quest isn't starting then:
    C:CreateCreature("Terl") should start it

    I will point out that like most NPC's he does have limits with who he will romance, be sure to dbl check you have a viable race incase it's that causing the issues.

  • JanJansenJanJansen Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for your swift respone.

    In fact, Anomen's quest didnt start by itself either. I started that one by spawning Terl. But since then nothing really happened. Can you give me the other codes to progress his quest manually as well? That would be super nice :)

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    The only other part of his quest that will require a console command to speed up is when he's ready to be judged, then it's:


    Hmm, actually i think after you have completed his judgement, if you are also romancing, then i think you need to summon Terl again so you get called back to his house and have to deal with the Merchant since Anomen will leave to confront him.

    The game does have relatively long timers for each of his quest stages by default, plus i think Terl only shows up in certain areas of the map, i'm just too impatient and like to speed everything up with the console lol.

    I made a thread a while back with most of the quest related console commands for NPC's. If you're missing any check there 1st, i may have covered them.

  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 416
    JanJansen said:

    Hey guys,

    Anomen's romance won't start for me


    Whew, dodget a bullet there mate.

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