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Editing drop tables?

Dear gurus on the Infinity Engine,

I am searching for some way to edit the drop in the games.
An I know that searching all of the crappy items will be a killer. So I hope to remove all the random small items from the drop tables, and gold for that sake. I am posting it here because I think it is a generic interest to be able to reduce drops to a more meaning full level. Yeas the massive drop rates was something I loved originally, it gave me the feeling that what I found of monsters and characters was "true" because I could pick up there items etc. But going over the games aging I must admit that the massive amount of gems rings and small swords is just to big a burden to micro manage. In particular I am preparing to go thought IceWind dale 2 :=) with it s Heart of Furry mode :)

Is there anyone who know how and where drop contents is edited?
Thanks alot in advance.


  • RahonaOstrimoRahonaOstrimo Member Posts: 17
    So glad to have found the 2DA files on drop for the different infinity games, There was some mentioning of these files from an other forum as well I am not sure if it the right approach however, nor what the file contains, but it seems it is a 2d matrix with columns for monster level? and then potentially different items it can drop in each column.

    I suppose this describes the random part of the drop, and that there is a specific extra component from each creature in the game.

    Would still appreciate any input or confirmation of what I have suggested.
    Thanks :)

  • RahonaOstrimoRahonaOstrimo Member Posts: 17


    The first column in the random drop table lists special items, such as "RNDTRE57". If you place an item named RNDTRE57 somewhere in the game (e.g. in an area, in the inventory of a creature), then when the item is spawned in the game (when the player enters the area with the item for the first time in the game), it will transform into another item, which is chosen randomly from the items on the RNDTRE57 row in the random drop table. This is how random loot works in the IE games.

    Back on the topic of this thread, maybe it would be better to add in all of the other unused random items (e.g. Bhaal's Fire) as well.

    Great reply from an other thread. I think for my purpose, I will simply remove the most common items in the drop table with a search replace for "No_Drop".

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