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Crash on start NWN EE

Hi. I bought the game to my friend and he is having a issue when the game start. It won't launch. Re-installed the game, deleted nwn.ini, updated the videocard drivers and still having the same issue. Opened a bug report with no response so i have to post here.

=== Props
target = nwmain
time = 1546197990
exception = c0000005
binaryChecksum = md5=c2275a5f237ba4207dca22909a6470f0
g_sBuildNumber = 8186
g_sVersionNumber = 1, 0, 0, 0
g_sGitCommit = 4e5d9380
&GenericCrashHandler = 013E7490 === Backtrace
76FD3A88 === Minidump
Minidump file has been written to C:\Users\avata\Documents\Neverwinter Nights/nwmain-crash-1546197990.dmp.


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