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SCS Sarevok Issue

First time posting here, long time BG player though. I just attempted SCS(solo Sorcerer)for the first time and have to say it's definitely been a challenge in some parts(chess fight comes to mind). I have, however, run into a real issue with Sarevok(normal difficulty). His HP regeneration is absolutely absurd, for starters. As such and as I consider myself to only be a mediocre player I have had to resort to extreme levels of cheese to get around this and I thought I had it figured out, but I think there may be a real issue with my game, the mod, something.

Long story short: I setup 13 skull traps, used mislead, cast lower resistance 4 times, greater malison 3 times, then dispelled my mislead and kited him to the skull traps and they dropped a whopping 319 damage on him instantly and he still lived. What the actual f***?

I don't know what else I can do. I've tried hold person and letting hasted monster summons deal with him(even immediately after skull traps) and still no dice, pun intended.


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