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Possible bug, I can't find Khalid

So, after doing the quest to take the crusader camp outside the fort, i learnt that doing what the game says apparently makes me a bad guy (start of chapter 10), go figure. I reloaded and negotiated with the crusaders instead. I destroyed the supplies and did all the side quests beforehand this time too, and the negotiation went smoothly. Problem is, Khalid has just vanished, I can't find him anywhere, or the other people who were in the fort (guess i'm not getting those boots).

Is there a fix for this? i don't wanna have to keep replaying the same quests over and over...


  • goodly666goodly666 Member Posts: 6
    Did you have him in the party? He dies if you havent recruited him and increased his levels when they do the siege attack. The siege stones causes him to lose a lvl, from 1 to 0, killing him. Same happened to me. I used console to make him appear again, but I got a bigger problem now. Because I enabled console all my characters got the invournable and protection against negative plane buff, making my characters invincible. Ruined the game.
  • DoozerpindanDoozerpindan Member Posts: 32
    I negotiated surrender but destroyed all the supplies first. Khalid (and presumably the others) went on to the next camp, I found them after starting chapter 10.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,133
    @goodly666 Zip and attach your save at, and we'll fix it.
  • goodly666goodly666 Member Posts: 6

    @goodly666 Zip and attach your save at, and we'll fix it.

    Its ok, it was me who didnt know about story mode in options. When I changed to debug mode it somehow enabled story mode.
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