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Exporting bgee character to bg2ee with limited storage space on mobile

Wondering if theres a way to export a character to bg2ee from bgee without the latter being installed. Im almost finished with the first game but i am on mobile with limited storage space so in order to install the second i have to get rid of the first... I already had to delete and reinstall bgee once because of bugs on my fighter/mage/thief but it led to the loss of my character i would like to carry my current over to the second game but worried uninstalling would lose it again..


  • QuickbladeQuickblade Member Posts: 863
    Should be able to. Character profiles/saves and game saves are saved to a different folder than the game installation itself, at least on Windows where they're saved in My Documents.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,558
    @ICECORPSE5309, to import to BG2EE from BG1EE using the saved game, you can try a couple of methods.

    1. If you have an external SD Card / PC, you can copy your .obb files to back them up using, for PC Windows File Manager or for Android, the default File Manager (they vary depending on which OS you are using). If you aren't aware the location is:


    Just copy the complete folder, then delete the contents of the 'com.beamdog.baldursgateenhanceedition'. When you want to play the game, just put it back prior to starting... If you forget and it tries to re-download the game files, just restart your device to cancel the download and copy the .obb files back, then try starting again.

    2. If you don't have the space and have no worries about data usage, before uninstalling the game, rename the following folder:



    /android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhanceedition.1 (or anything else really...)

    Once renamed, uninstall the game then go back to the folder and rename it back to default. Install and start BGSOD or BG2EE and you should be able to see the saved game when importing. If in doubt, make a backup first just in case...

    If you have any troubles, just ask and I can try explain a bit better.

    @Quickblade, unfortunately for Android, when the game is uninstalled the Files folder (where the saved games are kept) is also deleted.


  • ICECORPSE5309ICECORPSE5309 Member Posts: 3
    Sweet! Seems fairly straight forward but ill let you know how it works out when i get to that point thanks man!

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