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Issue with Sandrah Leaving at the end of Cloakwood Mines?

ga_jga_j Member Posts: 21
edited January 2019 in General Modding
Hi all,
Hoping I'm posting to the right spot on the forums - I'm playing the latest Baldur's Gate EET Explore the World and I've just finished Cloakwood Mines. When we flood the mines and return to the surface Sandrah gets super mad and leaves the party, followed by Imoen also being super mad but remaining. At first I thought I forgot to free the slaves but I didn't - the guy even thanks me for my heroics! I also tried just exiting the mines without flooding and the same thing happens as soon as I return to the surface - flooding or not. Help? :)

Edit: to clarify, when I say the latest version, I'm playing Version 1.0 Release Candidate 11.2


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