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Traps visibility

SeorrSeorr Member Posts: 6
Hello everyone. I hope this is the right category... Already planning my IWD and BGII playthrough while waiting for 2.6 and I'd like to know if traps can be made permanently visible or be simpler to spot? I hate searching for them, they slow down the game. I really enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins style - your rogue would quickly and automatically notice every one.

I could use the tweak that removes them, but I'd rather not completely get rid of such an important part of the game. Also, I realise there are "traps" that work as plot triggers or monster spawns. Obviously I don't want to see these. :P So, options (order matters):
1. Always visible
2. All party members can spot them, regardless of class
3. A rogue sees them even without specifically looking for traps

Also, would be cool if they were noticed quickly rather than after many seconds. But I guess that's some hardcoded random/per round thing... Oh, and what about spotting range? If I remember correctly, it's less normal view range. Can that be changed?


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