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Trap Detection/Recovery/Evasion

kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,329
edited July 2020 in General Modding
I've seen several threads related to these ideas, but never any actual mods to implement them, so I decided to try my hand at them. This mod has 3 optional parts:

Fast Trap Detection - Any Monk/Thief/Shaman using "Detect Traps" modal with sufficient Find Traps skill will detect traps as soon as they are within detection range. If they're lore is at least 50% of the necessary detection value, they will also detect what type of trap it is. Some caution must still be taken when going around corners/through doorways (anywhere that blocks LoS).
- The Cleric's Find Trap spell is now also updated to be detected by traps in the same way, and will automatically identify the type of trap.

Trap Recovery - Anytime a trap is disarmed, if the thief's Find Traps skill is at least 125% of the removal score then they will recover the trap, which they may then set similar to their own Snares (dependent on the Set Traps skill). All such traps have a proximity radius of 4 ft and require 15 lore to ID (but not to use). Only traps that can be reproduced (cast spells) can be recovered. Traps that cast normal spells will pull their description from the spell itself, but traps that use trap spells have pre-written descriptions, so there may be some inconsistencies if they've been modified.

Monk Trap Evasion - While using the "Detect Traps" modal, Monks can bypass (without triggering) traps if their Find Traps skill is high enough to detect the trap.
- This component only applies to area traps, not container/door traps.

Area files are updated with new trap scripts, so this will not work in any areas that an existing game has already visited. For the same reason, I would not update to a new version of this mod on an existing game.

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