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Where can I download the mod "Erephine's 1pp" for BG2:EE ???

krikkertKRIkrikkertKRI Member Posts: 19
Where can I download the mod "Erephine's 1pp" for BG2:EE ??? I don't find a link that works. The only one link I find is here :

But this one doesn't work for me. The downloading of the file works fine, but when i start the installation, I get the error Message "can't find DIALOG.TLK" (Yes, I've placed the mod in the installation folder and run it from there, so it's in the right place). I thought the problem might be that this mod was meant for BG1:EE, but the images on that website is that of BG2.

I also read recently that 1pp was supposed to already be integrated into the BG2:EE, as Erephine and Beamdog had cooperated or somesuch. But I see no trace of it when i run BG2:EE. The main reason I want 1pp is that i want the "Legacy Shields"... This is a big deal for me.


  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 461
    1PP is designed to work ONLY on BG2-ToB, not with EE versions.

  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 265
    edited December 2019
    Really miss 1pp's dynamic autoswitch of avatars and inventory paperdolls when you equip armor vs robes, etc. It'd be nice if EE had incorporated this little gem rather than the static version of 1pp when BD decided to incorporate her work.

    I don't suppose anyone has a mod for EE that has this functionality?
  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 423
    I agree, it was so fitting having Nalia switch from respectably robed mage to hooded rogue depending on the occasion.
  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,345
    The Tweaks Anthology/BG2 tweak pack has an 'avatar morphing script' component that makes it very easy to switch avatars on demand.
  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 265
    edited December 2019
    @Gwendolyne Kudos. There would be much rejoicing when that happens :)

    [edit] So it looks like this is partially implemented in EE? i.e. a fighter/mage that dons elven chain changes the paperdoll to look armored, at least. However putting a robe on him does nothing. And putting the same elven chain on Aerie changes nothing, putting a robe on her does nothing. Quirky. [edit2] never mind, looks like this is actually vanilla BG2 behavior; it's been a very, very long time since I ran BG2 vanilla without 1PP so I'd forgotten.

    Really looking forward to getting this component working on EE one way or another.
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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    @ithildurnew, this is a direct snip from here:

    OK. Still not sure if this is the right file, but I have a work around for 1PPv4.1.0. I only wanted to use the 'Smart Avatar & Armour Switching' component as I use other mods for the other components that I am interested in... If you are looking to install the Smart Avatar & Armour Switching yourself and can't find 1PP for EE series, then this might help. The component being installed is aka 'Improved Galactygon's Avatar Switching'.

    The work around:
    -Prepare 1PPv4.1.0 as you would if you were going to install it. i.e. Copy it into your game folder. Don't run 'Setup-1pp.exe'.
    -Open the file '.\1pp\install113_switch.tph' and find the line:
    ACTION_IF (GAME_IS ~bg2 tob tutu tutu_totsc ca~) BEGIN
    -Edit it to read:
    ACTION_IF (GAME_IS ~bgee bg2ee bg2 tob tutu tutu_totsc ca~) BEGIN
    -Save and exit editor
    -Create a batch file called 'Setup-1pp.bat'
    -Copy the following line into the batch file:
    Setup-1pp.exe --language 0 --force-install-list 113
    -Save and close

    To install, run Setup-1pp.bat and it will only install the Smart Avatar & Armour Switching component ignoring everything else.

    As far as install order goes, I installed after Tweaks Anthology as it was the last mod I installed that played equipment (armour) of that type.

    The other way, if you prefer to stay with the BGTweaks v16 version of Galactygon's Wearing Robes mod, is to create a batch file that ignores all of the other redundant components.
    -Setup BG2_Tweaks as if to install it.
    -Create a batch file called: 'setup-bg2_tweaks.bat' and add the line:
    Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe --language 0 --force-install-list 120
    -Save and Close editor

    When you run setup-bg2-tweaks.bat, it will only install the Wearing Robes component.

    The batch files above are installing using the english Language as default, so if your language is different, and the mod supports it, change the 0 in '--language 0' to represent your language.

    I have tried both mods and there are some differences, so really, it is up to you which you prefer.


    Edit: After some further testing, I doubt that the language setting would be a problem. Neither mod touches the dialog.tlk.


    This seems to work with no problems, although it is only for the Armour Switching. None of the other components work due to being for classic only.

    For my own plays, I removed most of the other components (due to its size) from my install folder and left only the Switching which is only about 25 MB. As noted in the linked discussion, it is no longer available in the Tweaks Anthology mod but an earlier (less enhanced I believe) version is contained in the BGTweaks v16 which will install onto the EE platform (although if I was to use this mod, ignore everything else).

    1PP will also work for IWDEE as well if you change the line to:

    ACTION_IF (GAME_IS ~bgee bg2ee iwdee bg2 tob tutu tutu_totsc ca~) BEGIN

    If you need a hand in decyphering the above, let me know and I can try to interpret...

    Hope that helps
  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 265
    edited December 2019
    Thanks a ton @Gusinda , appreciate it!
    Seems like downloading v16 of BG Tweaks (assuming it's still available on G3) and installing only that component might be the simpler way to go, barring any conflicts with Tweaks Anthology which I already have installed, but I seem to be having trouble locating v16 of the old Tweak Pack anywhere. Also, why version 4.1.0 of 1PP rather than the latest?

    Looking over the content of 1PP 4.1.0 for the first time in a few years, wow. I'm remembering how impressed I was with this project that's obviously a work of love, marked by a level of craftsmanship/professionalism that naturally made it a no brainer to incorporate into the Enhanced versions.
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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    No probs @ithildurnew, this was the reason that the component wasn't kept from BGTweaks as it morphed into Tweaks Anthology (from Tweaks Anthology readme):

    The Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor (Galactygon) component is being withdrawn, as One Pixel Productions has a superior solution

    Having used both in Classic and EE, I did find that I preferred the 1PP version (particularly when the other components were used as well in Classic), so I kept using it.

    It isn't a hard change to make as all you are doing is adding 'bgee bg2ee iwdee' to the line that asks the question 'What game is this?'. Just make sure that you edit the line with a text editor and not something like MS Word (I use Notepad++ btw).

    So far as the version goes, 4.1.0 was the latest when I made the changes to install and haven't gone back to check if there was any newer version. I see now that there is 4.2.0 (not sure if it is releasable yet though) and will have a look at it. Thanks!

    If you want to go down the BGTweaks v16 path, I still have a copy of that in my 'Classic collection' of mods (not sure why though) but I would strongly recommend using the 1PP...

  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 461
    version 4.2.0 is WIP: please don't download it and don't try to install it as installation will fail. o:)

    For the moment, this repo has only one purpose: keeping track of any code changes that are "water-proofed". There are still a few features to be improved before an official release in SHS GitHub account, mostly due to new mods that may break its compatibility (mostly IR, SR and mods porting IWD spells into classic IE engine).
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Thanks @Gwendolyne, thought as much. I had downloaded straight away, had a quick look to find that it wasn't ready yet so wouldn't be going any further. Actually just popped back in to suggest that @ithildurnew would be better off staying with 4.1.0.

    Look forward to its future release.

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