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BG2:EE - Infinite pause MP bug

Hello all,

I am hoping to access the community's collective knowledge on a problem that is driving me and my friend crazy.

The problem: 
At a certain point, resting in any form bugs out the game. It plays the resting cinematic for me (the host) but not for my friend and leaves the game in a perma-paused state. Sound is working but the game is paused and will not unpause unless my friend quits the session. 

Tried solutions:
Renaming and replacing the cinematic files. This was suggested for BG1:EE  and we have tried it for BG2:EE to no effect.
It has been suggested that is might happen after the MC dies and you reload. But the MC has died and we have reloaded and been able to rest just fine after that.
Reloading the game far back. Loading the game back a couple of hours have solved it in the past, but the problem keeps popping up not too long after. And constantly having to replay parts of the game is not viable in such a long game as this.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this?


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