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New NWN Stream

TemplarDrakeTemplarDrake Member Posts: 19
edited February 11 in General Discussions NWN:EE
Hi guys,

Back in November/December I started doing some streams a la Beamdogs stream, but mostly aimed at my own server. I did try to cover major Beamdog news as well though. Now that the Beamdog stream is no more I feel like going a bit bigger.

However I'd like to hear your thoughts first. In my mind the streams was something unique and even though it could get tedious I still enjoyed tuning in whenever I could. It was like having saturday morning cartoons back. A program each week to look forward to.

So what do you feel? Do you share my sentiment and would you like to see something like it or simply let sleeping dogs lie?

My questions is also: What would you like to see?

What I have in mind is something like:

1: Welcome
2: Recent BD/NWN News
3: Dive into interesting forum topics and discuss
4: Possible server focus/tips/builds/custom mods etc

The remainder of the stream I would then talk a bit about my own server and its updates (If any). Shameless plug I know. And end it with a fun event/toolset building/level a char or such.

This last bit would not always be focused on my own server of course as that could get tedious as well. There could be testing of other servers, OC Campaign or modules.

I did three streams so far mirroring the timeslot of BD streams, but on Saturdays. I was thinking maybe a bi-weekly thing. But what would work best? Hijack the previous BD timeslot on fridays or continue on Saturdays?


I am in no way a high level streamer, I am working my way through the nitty gritty of getting Mic, webcam and all the works. So don't expect greatness from day one.

Thanks for all your input,

- Drake

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