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Which spells will a mage cast automatically?

Stalin_BrandoStalin_Brando Member Posts: 10
Do you guys know which spells Edwin will cast automatically? Using BG2EE Wizard: Aggressive script, I mean.

I'm not really a magic person, I can't remember what half of the spells do. So I just want him to take care of it for me.

He loves magic missile, and will also cast hold monster, cold of cone, disintegrate, and a few more I can't recall right now - Breach? Melfin's Magic Stripper?

I'm just letting him remember one each of a bunch of different spells so I can see what he uses. Previously I tried loading him up with poison arrows and fire arrows, but he doesn't throw them unless he's instructed to. Which is annoying.

Viconia I mainly just use for healing, which she is always happy to do without prompting. Although my homemade assassin loves going into stealth mode as soon as she starts a spell, making her waste it.

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