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Just an idea - don't shout at me - NWN modules on Droid

You can do this manually but it's a complex process

Personally I install a FTP server on my Droid when I'm testing

The whole process is extremely messy

I'm thinking about writing an App that allows you to install any Vault module onto your Droid for those of use who are less technically capable (most users won't be able to do it)

There are issues involved (analysed most of it)

You need to transfer raw files to the Droid (so CEP = 5.5GB), this one's chosen as an example as it's difficult

I'll also need permission - e.g. CEP

The less popular Vault stuff is far smaller

This is like NW Synch a bit but for solo games in general

I also am doing personalised picture packs and re-writing saves to insert the new images into the current game (safely)

A CEP will cost be about 50c to deliver (worst case scenario)

I have a conundrum - do I charge the user or can Beamdog make the intended service free?

I can have beta testers testing in month or so (been researching this for months)




  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 910
    As a creator of various things for NwN I am writing to let you know that you do not have permission to charge for anything to do with any of my creations. I create stuff in my own time to be shared at no cost by anyone. Also, I would point out that you don't have and very likely will never have permission to host items that are exclusively available from the vault anywhere other than the vault (otherwise what was the point in the people on the vault rescuing this stuff from oblivion at their own cost).

    As far as the CEP goes... With over 10 years of submissions by numerous different creators, well good luck with getting permissions there.

    It is also probably against the Eula as well.


  • StaranStaran Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 280
    So you won’t allow the stuff you create to go on a service like the steam workshop?

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 910
    edited April 2019
    I would point out that, that question is somewhat off-topic. The op was proposing to charge people for the privilege of downloading stuff that they had no ownership of.

    But to answer your question anyway... Nope. If people want it they have to get it from the vault. If they have a problem using it (which they shouldn't - I endeavour to have excellent qa) I am not going to chase all over the place to find out they have a problem in the first place. If a module uses it and they don't want the bother of finding it they can use NIT to automate the process.


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 614
    A few authors share their work on Steam, but that is their decision. No one else is entitled to do so.

    Almost everyone posts their work on the Vault, so that's the go-to site.

  • StaranStaran Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 280
    So in a few years when it comes out in the apple App Store and Beamdog creates a new service to allow users to download modules to their devices in an automated fashion like the steam workshop (they cannot download files to their devices like pc and androids can), you won’t be bothered that iOS users won’t be able to view your content, ever?

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