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BG2EE (Android) Modfile Request - Dialogue Based

GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818

Hi @Seda, sorry about the delay but I had some trouble getting it to pickup properly in Spanish. Hopefully it should be good now.

This is in a discussion just to keep it with the right game version. The initial request was in the BG1EE area.

I have had to place the file onto a File Sharing service (hopefully Zippyshare works in your country, if it doesn't let me know a better one...) as it is far too big for the forum. It is likely to be deleted within 30 days so be sure to grab it prior. If you don't, I will keep the file on my system until BG Series v2.6.x is released, or you let me know that all is well, so no problems asking for a reupload.

The size of the file is about 310MB and once placed into your folder structure, the override folder will be about 890MB so you need to make sure you have enough room. I have attached the WeiDU.log here.

I tested to a point where I could create a new Bard. That was about it I'm afraid, the rest was lost in translation. If there are any problems, let me know and I will see if I can rebuild with a better outcome.

The mods installed were:

BG1 NPCs in BG2
- Ajantis v18
- Alora v1.5
- Branwen_v3
- Coran_v5
- Kivan and Deheriana Companions v16
- Skie_The Cost of One Girl's Soul v2.0
- Tiax_v4
- Xan v15
- Yeslick BG2 v2.0

IEP Banter
- Cernd Friendship v1.1
- HaerDalis Friendship v1.0
- Imoen Friendship v2.2
- Korgan Friendship v1.3
- Mazzy Friendship v2.2
- Minsc Friendship v1.0
- Valygar Friendship v1.0
- Viconia Friendship v3.3
- Yoshimo Friendship v3.1

NPCs from BG1EE Modfile you have used already:
- Gavin v22
- Sirene v1.8.1

Misc NPCs
- Companion - Afaaq, the Djinni Companion v2.6
- Wilson Chronicles v1.4.2
- Nehtaniel v6.5
- Kelsey v4
- Petsy Chattertone v3.1
- Yvette v4.0
- The Beaurin Legacy v2.1.1

NPCCrossmod Banter Pack_crossmodbg2 v17

Useful Plot Items for BG2:EE
NPC_EE v3.6
Bardic Wonders v1.3
Shadow Magic v1.9.37
Tweaks Anthology v8
SCS v32 RC8

Download link:

For those just looking, this mod is for BG2EE v2.5.16.6 and is set for Spanish language.

Enjoy Seda


  • SedaSeda Member Posts: 33
    edited February 2019
    @ Gusinda

    Hola Gus, mañana miraré el archivo con BG2.

    Muchísimas gracias. (Valoro muchísimo tu ayuda).

    Un saludo.
  • Florin_exeFlorin_exe Member Posts: 2
    edited April 2020
    Hello @Gusinda.

    In my quest for SCS, I've read most of your posts. It's really awesome that you're helping so many people, you're a kind person. What I wanted to ask you is if, by great chance and luck, you still have this file and if can Share it again? If the answer is yes (?), can I just change the language to English and everything will work normally?
    I wanted to try and create a modifile myself, tried installing Ascension, The Tweeks Anthology and SCS but I couldn't install them to the fullest. I tried several versions of BG2EE and also several versions of SCS and Ascension (I thought it could be a compatibility issue), unfortunately I had no luck. I also tried the modifile you created for JustThatGuy but I got the invalid strings (+ I like the way the characters look with helmets).

    Maybe you still have the file, maybe not, I still want to thank you ? .
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    edited September 2020
    Hi @Florin_exe, welcome to the forum.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I do have an english version of the modfile but to answer the question, you wouldn't be able to change the language in the game for the modfile to work. The modfile has all the mods installed using Spanish text (or at least those that could). I have uploaded the english version for you to play with. If it doesn't suit your game play style, just let me know what mods you would like installed and I will see if I can put something together.

    With the lockdowns that are occurring, my 'office' is actully converted to an office for the family to work from home, so access to my PC is when I can, so there could be a slight delay.

    Download: BG2EE.

    I will see if I can find the JustThatGuy modfile and see what problems exist. It might have been one of the earlier modfiles (which this could be as well, have tested it since putting it together) and I have made some changes to the method used over time.

    Anyway, give it a go and see how it fairs
    Happy Gaming

    Edit: Update below
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  • Florin_exeFlorin_exe Member Posts: 2

    You are a miracol worker!

    Thank you, thank you very much, really appreciate this. Especially knowing that your time is a even rarer resource than before. Hopefully, we we'll all get through this well and safe and life will return to normal.
    The file works perfectly. Once I got to the Ogre mage, he just exploded with all the buffs. It was beautiful. Happy gaming indeed.

    Best wishes,
  • dipsetdipsetdipsetdipsetdipsetdipset Member Posts: 9
    Hi @Gusinda I have been playing with the English version of the modfile that you made for Florin above. I have found a bug with the dialogue between jaheira and aerie. Anytime that it is time for them to have a dialogue together it always is the one where aerie says the light makes jaheiras hair look pretty. I am unsure if it is a bug with aeries files because she also hasn't had any dialogue with haer'dalis. There is also something weird that pops up anytime I run into a vampire where it just says "Lord Farthington Roenall" as if that were an action the vampire took. I don't think it affects anything though, just wanted to mention it. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Thanks @dipsetdipsetdipset, I will have a look and if it is a prob with the mod itself, I will report it to the mod creator. If it is a prob with the modfile itself, it might only be an order of mods install prob.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    HI @dipsetdipsetdipset, playing around with this at the moment, would you be able to upload a saved game?

  • dipsetdipsetdipsetdipsetdipsetdipset Member Posts: 9
    Hi @Gusinda attached should be all of the files from my most recent quick save. Please let me know if I missed anything when making the zip file
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @dipsetdipsetdipset, I am guessing that you have moved on by now; sorry I couldn'y login earlier...

    The easy one first: The mod doesn't appear to have any Aerie/Haer'Dalis dialog in the banters. For the other prob, I may have tracked it down to the 'IEPBanters - Restored NPC Interjections component'. There has been an update to the mod since this one was placed into the modfile (Jan 19) but not sure whether it fixed the problem. If you want, I can redo the modfile with the updated mod.

  • Hi @Gusinda no worries, sometimes life gets busy!
    If it is not too much trouble, could you redo the modfile with the updated mod and also with Ascension and Peccas Pocket Play UI?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    edited September 2020
    Hi @dipsetdipsetdipset,

    Here is the updated modfile. Sorry for the delay but there was some fault finding and mod re-ordering to be had (each install tool a couple of hours with SCS. It didn't overly affect my time though; I just started the install, answered a few questions of some early mods and walked away)...

    There were a couple of conflicts such as Pocket GUI with Shadow Magic Beta Spell Picker and another mod (prob SCS), so I removed Pocket GUI from the list. I could have reverted Shadow Magic back to the menu driven (text based) spell picker but there was still the other clash.

    I have added a couple more NPCs and updated the other mods accordingly.

    File (~478MB Packed, ~1.2GB Unpacked)
    WeiDU.log attached

    I have removed the modfile for Florin as this one has the updated mods.

    Same thing as before, I only had time for some quick testing and it was based around the Shadow Adept. Let me know if there are any problems as it is all batch driven, so easy to move mods around.

    Happy Gaming

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    hey gusinda i really love your work. i think youre a saint for what you do honestly. I was wondering if you could possiblly make me a custom mod file for bg1 with the full components of scs installed. I've installed a few of your mod files before and I think I have scs running in bg 2 but I cant get it to work on bg 1 if you could make me that file id appreciate
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @darthnihilism, and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your kind words. No problems, just let me know what other mods you would like installed (if any) and I will put one together.

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    thanks its really just the scs components atm. I tried installing some of your other mod packs i think the ones along the lines of keeping the 3 games mods relative to one another. the mod that adds the extra mage and sorc classes is giving my game error messages but i dont know what other components are work vs not. android 11 just made it a major pain to view my files without my pc now so its really irritating.
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    my bad I accidently deleted the wrong lang folder tomes and blood works excellently
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    one thing ive always wanted was to be able to play a cleric that could use a two handed sword or a cleric mage with sword prof idk how possible that is. one of the bg 2 mod files of yours ive downloaded let me make a cleric ranger with axe prof so im hopeful
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @darthnihilism, no probs on SCS.

    For the Cleric/Mage and Cleric, one idea may be to add Use Any Item to your abilites. The prob here is that you can use any item... You would also need to add proficiency points to the weapon type.

    If you give me some specs on what you want each to look like, I could create a .chr file that you can import which may allow you to do what you want with limitations...

    If I can think of another way (unfortunately I am not good at writing mods), I will give it a whirl.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    @darthnihilism, just had a play with modifying the files required to let you Mage and Cleric use the blades. Bit easier than I thought. I will set it up and include as part of the modfile.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    edited December 2020
    Hi @darthnihilism, modfile done.

    Download Link:

    Also attached is the WeiDU.log showing the components of SCS installed. I took a guess on some of them...

    In this, your Clerics and Mages can use both 2HS and Longswords as well as Bastard Swords. Any without a Fighter class of sorts are limited to 1 proficiency with fighter mixes have 2.

    To install, remove any other mods then just copy this to:


    It should be sitting beside baldur.lua.

    You should now be able to start the game and play. You will need to start a new game.
    Let me know if you come up against any probs.

    Happy Gaming

    Edit: Update located here
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  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    oh man thanks a ton I really appreciate it man .
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    would the scs mod be compatible with tomes and blood ,animal companion and some of the other mods you listed in the modfile for those mods to make the trilogy more consistent ? im gonna start by installing this modfile then see if I cant add the other modfile without too much conflict.
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    yeah its in your discussion the modfile that are supposed to give you a similar experience with mods across the trilogy I just wanted all those mods plus scs with some of the harder settings for all the games would be absolutely perfect. for example I'm not sure if the modfile you made me conflicts with the modfile that contained all those other mods specifically. like idk if scs would work with the addition of extra kits like the many styles for mages adds. I really wanna thank you for taking the time i love these games and just wanna have the best and most challenging experience roleplaying. i miss playing actual pnp dnd so I wanna create an experience as close to that as possible.
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @darthnihilism, should be okay with the mods you are talking about. Don't know what impact the sword wielding mage/cleric will have on the kits provided by Tome & Blood will have though. I suspect the mage kits will play as made and with the vanilla variants being able play use a large sword of some sort...

    I will also put in aTweaks which moves some rules closer to PnP as well. If any mods aren't compatible, I will just leave them out.

    You wont be able to mix the modfiles unfortunately. Having more than one in the Files folder is likely to crash the game or at the very least bring some 'invalid' text into the game.

    Be aware also, any modfiles created are specific to the version of the game it was created with...

    All the best
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    so i have that file installed the ones fore bg 1 bg2 and sod so far the extra classes and stuff from that previous file is working it just wont work with scs from the file you made me
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    yeah those modfile you made for the trilogy they have scs in bg 2 but no scs in the fist game if i could get that modfile with scs installed with it that be exactly what im looking for
  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 24
    byw all the extra kits are awesome so far i made a magus so i don't really need the cleric mage with swords as mages can use swords with tomes and blood i believe
  • JackArbiterJackArbiter Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2021
    Hi @Gusinda , I've been looking around for BG and BG II mods for android for the last few days and I keep finding more and more recent modpacks by you and I just wanted to thank you. So far the BG modpack you posted in the other thread (linked here) has made my new BG playthrough great and I'm only just starting. I don't use the swords for mages but it therefore has no effect in game so it doesn't bother me.

    I read the log for the BG II mod here and also saw the list of your inclusions, I just wanted to make sure that the tweaks anthology v8 you mentioned include unrestricted strongholds, the original reason I was looking for mods as I remember the thieves' guild stuff from 15 years ago pretty fondly and didn't want to miss it playing another class. The log file didn't say anything specific about strongholds and the mod itself seems to have multiple stronghold options so I just wasn't sure.

    Oh and I figure it seems like if I import my BG character (probably a straight kensai when I import because the past me was a horrible weeb powergamer who now wishes he'd finished his last BG-BG2 kensai mage playthrough but he gave up) with these modpacks it will probably be fine, no? Haven't seen any info on going from I to II. I figured if I avoid grabbing swords as a mage it will avoid any likely pitfall (tho no guarantees when modding, I understand).

    Thanks for keeping up with all of this and performing this service for the community. I'd love to say I don't know computers or my dog ate my laptop but honestly I just wanted a fast way to get back into these games without getting sucked into modding again :D
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi @JackArbiter, thank you for your kind words and welcome to the forum.

    If you are talking about the BG2 modfile for darthnihilsm, then yes, the Tweaks Antholgy (v9 btw) does allow for multiple strongholds without class restrictions.

    If you are using a vanilla Kensia, then you should be right. If you are using any mod that includes some sort of changes to the Kensia, then the BG2 modfile will also need to include that mod. I don't recall anything specific in the last couple of modfiles, so I believe that you shouldn't have any problems with the import. There should be no problems if you do grab swords as I have tested this further and found no issues.

    The real magic here is with the modders that create the mods. For me, it is a reasonably simple (?) task to put them together for those who can't or don't have a PC or don't want to get sucked into modding again :wink: ...

    Happy Gaming
  • JackArbiterJackArbiter Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2021
    Thanks @Gusinda !

    Out of curiosity because I guess some spells have been moved around, Dynaheir isn't showing any learned level 2 spells, which was fine and probably WAD because she only just hit level 3, but identify is level 2 with these mods at least, and the game thinks she has it in her spellbook so she can't learn it and I can't have her memorize it and cast it.

    Is this a common bug people see when modding or did I hit the jackpot? Or am I just being stupid?

    Edit: Yeah she has invisible spells in her level 2 spellbook. The memorize and long press on the icons to erase show the buttons but do nothing. Guess I'm gonna have to figure out EEKeeper or something to fix her.
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  • JackArbiterJackArbiter Member Posts: 3
    @Gusinda Hey I am sorry to bother you, but when my druid casts alicorn lance it crashes the game. Where in the files might I look to adjust this spell? I'm guessing between Dynaheir's spells not appearing (or identify just being broken, idk) and the occasional crash when an enemy spellcaster casts a spell (only happened twice before and I didn't replicate it) and alicorn lance being broken that there's a spell mod conflict in here somewhere but I am not sure where to begin looking. The alicorn lance animation gets to the point where it would fly out from her hands and then game crashes completely.
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