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Call of the Weterans/Myths/Legends and all other players !

Hello, my name is Jon [ye thaths right, it's my real life name :smile: ]

I'm trying to make setup best of the bests, and I would like to hear your opinnions like there.
I'm asking for gear improvment , and eventually team comp improvment in ToB.
Lets make it started:

+ Vecna Robe
+ Staff of Magi
+ Amulet of Power
+ Gaxx Ring
+ Ring of wizardy
+ Mask of King Strohm III
+ Belt of Giant strenght
+ Boots of speed
+ Bracers of AC3

Minsc Should i go 2h sword /or 2x1h Swords?

Dorn Should i go 2h sword /or 2x1h Swords?
- he CAN't use Karosmir wich is making me sad and confused, I don't want Keldorn in this team because of conflicts :[


Jaheira No idea wich kind of weapon for her / Replace for Sarevok in ToB


Hexxat Tuigan bow / Maybe should i give her 2x1h weapons?

Viconia Some usless items what i don't use, shes just buffing :cold_sweat:


I'm waiting for you'r ideas.
I'm now an weteran, i passed this games just 2 times, but i would like to get my best here right now :disappointed:


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  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    hookay, lets see what we can do:

    first i would replace minsc for korgan, since minsc is of good alignment and basically the rest of your team is evil ( or at least will be by ToB )

    also be careful with dorn, in SoA when he joins your team your REP is going to drop like a rock in a hydrogen ocean ( aka, its going to go down fast because of the first quest you have to do with him ) so make sure your REP is up a bit first

    next, when i build teams, i like having 3 melee chums, 1 ranged cleric type, 1 ranged thief type, and one ranged mage type, and luckily, you have it set up that way, so this is how i would do it:

    i would have dorn up front ( since i believe he has the highest CHA? around 16 or so )

    since his DEX is a bit crap i would actually skill him with the defender of easthaven and a shield, mix that in with shield of faith ( dont remember if black guards get spells so im only assuming) and he will tank quite nicely

    next i would have korgan, who will direly need the mits of dexterity thanks to his crap dex, but with that being said, weapon wise is up to you, for me, i prefer axes because i love axe of the unyielding, and if you really want you could go dual wield style and have crom fayer in the other hand, but im not much of a fan of dual wielding ( especially since you get GWWs in ToB ) i prefer to have my AC jacked, and by ToB you should have 3 shields that give a +5 AC bonus each, so axe and shield for this guy

    for jaheira, i would keep her in melee since she has decent DEX and can wear any of the heavy armors which is nice, although you will have to give her the belt of hill giant STR ( at least ) as soon as possible since her melee damage with 15 STR will be garbage, but with belt on the waist, i would give her the blackblood club from trademeet ( you have to finish the trademeet quest before its available ) that nifty club is +3 plus it deals an extra 3 acid damage a hit, pretty solid weapon actually, and again, i would give her a shield

    for your cleric viconia, i would go with sling and eventually a belt of giant STR so she can actually deal damage with it, but thankfully she has a 19 DEX so her to hit will be pretty decent, also she will need some sort of STR boosting item so she can use medium shields or heavier and platemails or heavier as well

    hexxat, i would just give her shortbows and use the shortbow +3 that shoots phantom arrows ( the one from trademeet from the same merchant you sells black blood ) and then eventually use the shortbow of gesen

    for your guy i wouldnt waste giving your char the ring of gaxx, that is more suited for one of your melee chums, instead your sorcerer should be wearing a ring of wizardry and a ring of acuity, also i wouldnt waste a belt of giant STR on your sorcerer either, unless you have all the belts and you have one to spare, the melee chums should have first priority over the STR belts, while your SORC can wear the girdle of piercing, giving them an AC bonus vs piercing and missile weapons, to help defend you against pesky archers, also mask of king Strohm III helmet no longer provides the protection from critical hits, so i usually give my mage the regenerating iounstone in SoA and the circlet thingy in ToB that gives you an extra level 7/8 spell and +10 HP

    when it comes time for sarevok when you replace jaheira, you can give all of jaheira's items to sarevok and then either keep him using two handed weapons or go single handed weapon with a shield, for the nice AC, personally i would go with single handed weapons ( and based on this team composition would either go bastard sword for foebane, or longsword for angurvadal, either one is fine, but it will be a while before you get angurvadal, while the fully upgraded foebane can be reached much sooner )

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    i almost every time that i use jaheira make her a 2 weapons user. usually belm is her oh weapon, for main hand one a good alternative to blackblood are returning daggers, the one you can pickpocket in the bridge area and then firetooth when you find it. pickpoketing the boomerang dagger afaik does not ruin the limited wish quest, you can still do it and get its xp.
    returning daggers have the damage roll of a bastard sword, that is the most damaging 1 hand sword, and give +1 apr, as also belm give +1 apr jah will have 5 apr, so will do a lot of damage. later, when more weapon enchantment is needed she can equip oh the spectral brand as she will have reached lev 13 fighter at that point so will end with 4.5 apr.
    is a more offensive jaheira then the one suggested by @sarevok57 . i agree with him about her needing a str enhancing item.
    pick the one you prefer according to your style.

    a sorcerer does not need str so don't waste the belt on him, his thac0 and dmg will be crap anyway, give it to someone that can hit hard so he will hit even harder.
    a sorcerer also does not need special ac or to move fast, his place is far from the enemies casting spells, so the same is true for the gaxx ring and for the boots of speed, those make a mlee fighter more efficient.

    viconia can do more than buffing, even if with caution as she lack of hp.
    buffed with the right spells she can have, after she gets some levels, fighter's thac0 and 25 str, without str enhancing items, so other 7 thac0 bonus and +14 dmg. her buffing gives her also very good dex, so better ac. as she has also a natural magic resistance she can be in some situations a good flanker.
    buffed in the same way and with a good sling and enchanted bullets she will also hit hard ranged, even if she lacks of attacks, 1 or 2 if hasted. but will do near 30 dmg each attack. if you don't buff her she will miss ranged a lot more and when she will connect will not do a damage that is noticeable.
    to give an idea of how is important to buff her in end game her thac0 with the better sling and bullets will be, if i am not wrong -14. you can not do it from the beginning as some buffs scale with level, but is a waste of her potential to not do it later.

    hexxat. a shadow dancer should backstab, so give her a good staff or an other weapon she can use for the purpose. for when you decide to keep her far from the enemy, as every battle is different and requires a different approach, the bow is fine. i would not build a thief as 2 weapon user, clerics can greatly buff their thac0 and from 1/2 way soa can dw, thieves can not. a dw thief will miss often against the foe that matter, better to have him attack less times but actually hit. if you give her a staff, as i suggest, she can hit from behind your tanks as the staff has a long reach. the ac of thieves, like their thac0, is not optimal.
    and when she backstabs she must equip the boots of speed as after the backstab she has to put herself in a safe position fast to hide again and repeat or to flank from behind the tanks.
    you can buy a +4 staff from ribald at the very beginning if you have the money.

    what i don't like of your party is that the sorcerer is the only arcane caster. a sorcerer can learn only a certain number of spells, in a party he has a buffing role, he will cast improve haste on the fighters, a debuffing one (as you don't have keldorn), he will breach the enemies and destroy mages defenses, and a damaging role. having an other mage or a bard help as he can cover some of those roles and can also cast the spells that the sorcerer don't know.

    if you play without mods every party is good, as the game is not too hard, but if you want a strong party those are my 2 cents.
  • FirkragggFirkraggg Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the answers! I have readedeverything, and changes I have made:
    - Minsc is replaced for Korgan

    Korgan is using atm : Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver
    Flail of Ages +3

    I did mistake saying that Viconia is a part of my team, im using AERIE all the time, i have missed the names,
    Aerie is the art of my pty, because its the only mage with 32743743 number of spells, she can be an buffer, debuffer and an mage, of coruse shes annyoing with her low STR and CON [getting tired no n stop, sience im moving with the improvment movement buff]

    Dorn- I still don;t know what to do with him, atm hes using Lirarcor +3 because he can't wear Carsomyr, but i reall'y don't know what should i do...

    Jaheira is using Sejmitar + Shield [shield because for no reason most of the monsters agro on her] but I'm thinking to give her some of 1h swords, just i got no idea which one. Maybe I will give her Cromfayr to improve her STR, sience her dex looks fine..
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    jaheira can't use cromfayer, she can only use druid weapons, not cleric ones

    so that will be scimitars,daggers, spears, quarterstaves, clubs and slings

    i usually give her blackblood club +3 until ToB then i give her the spectral brand scimitar
  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    jaheira can cast ironskin when reaches the level needed. it protect her from mlee attacks like mage's stoneskin.
    if the enemies always aggro on her probably there is something to change in your tactic, you should be able to decide which one of your toons is attacked by positioning your party correctly and by the one you send into battle first. try to use korgan as tank, he has more hp and is a better tank if you don't want to spend ironskins.

    aerie can do exactly what viconia can as physical damage, but can also use her mage defensive spells, stoneseskin and pfmw, to be the best tank in a battle where even korgan takes a beat. and if buffed can do the same damage with a sling, is possible to cast a spell and attack in the same round if you time it correctly. being a multi she will be able to buff a little later, but then she kick bottoms, i had her soloing dragons in mlee and taking them down in few rounds.

    as you changed only swapping minsc with korgan i repeat that is really important that you give to others some items that now your sorcerer is equipping. i understand that we want always our protagonist super powerful, but a sorcerer is super powerful for the spells he can use, if you look at the party as a whole power items that boost str, ac and saving throws are better used by mlee fighters.
  • FirkragggFirkraggg Member Posts: 3
    Could someone help me with what Dorn hsould be equiped? Same question for jaheira
  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited March 2019
    i never used dorn
    for jaheira a str item is fundamental, is a good fighter, but with only 15 str, with a belt or even the ogre gauntlets she has better thac0 and damage. she needs also a good armor. amulet of power make cast her druid spells a little faster.
    for the weapons there are basically 3 choices, to give her a staff, you can find from ribald the ryn one, +4, and in wk the ram one that can be upgraded in tob and is one of the most damaging weapons. or you can use her with shield and a good main weapon, usually blackblood club, from a trademeet merchant, is used, +3 and with elemental damage to disrupt the mages. i prefer the 3rd option, make of her a dual welder, using on main hand the boomerang dagger that your thief can pickpoket in the bridge district and off hand belm. both the weapons give +1 apr, so she will get 5 apr pretty fast, and equipping the best str belt you can find the str damage bonus is applied 5 times round, 10 when she is improved hasted. when she gets ironskin this helps her survive as a dual welder she has no shield, but with that build the concept is to kill before they kill you, and anyway with that build you probably have to give to her also the cloak of the sewers and the helm of balduran to boost thac0 and ac. she needs some of the best equipment for fighters but the payoff is huge. when she gets wondrous recall each one of it is 2 more ironskins or insect spells, that are mage killers. you probably have to use her more as a flanker until she has the protection of ironskin. korgan will be your main tanker, send him to battle some instant before jaheira and minsc, so the enemies target him more.
    as you get it firetooth dagger replaces the boomerang one, as she is lev 13 she can equip a better main hand weapon, as she gains 1/2 attack more from the level.
    she can dw well from the moment she has 2 pips in it, the 3rd can come later.
    for the situational battles where the enemy needs more than +2 weapons to be hit you can use a staff or the blackblood mace, the ryn staff hits also demliches.

    EDIT: both the returning throwing daggers have the damage roll of a bastard sword, 2D4, 5 on average , that is superior to the one of every other single hand weapon, club rolls 1D6, 3.5 on average, like the staff, and scimitar rolls 1D8 so 4.5 on average. to go in battle with a dagger as main weapon seems underwhelming, but with those returning daggers is not so, they are actually bastard swords that can be used ranged and give both mlee and ranged +1 apr, with the look and reach of a dagger, so the welder has to stay closer to the enemy then with a proper bastard sword.

    EDIT2: as you have hexxat in the party she can steal for you from the merchants, not ribald, is not possible, and not the one of the copper coronet as a really high score is needed.
    but she can steal immediately some weapons to start to equip your toons before you have the money and chance to buy/loot the definitive weapons and armors. the merchant in trademeet is quite easy to steal from and the belt and cloak are really useful, as well as blackblood. the belt is really useful for your sorcerer, that has few hp, so he will better survive some nasty spells, while the str belt that originally you planned to give him will only improve his mlee thac0 and his damage, for the only apr he has, given to jaheira the str bonus damage is applied 5x times if she dw.
    few points in pickpoket and some potions let a thief steal relatively in a safe way. i never stack the same kind of potion, i find it lame, but there are 2 different potions that improve the stealing ability, nothing wrong in stacking 1 of each kind.
    there are ways, also without stacking multiple issues of the same potion and without selling and buying over and over the same valuable item from a fence, to buy everything you need right at the beginning of the game. no cheese at all, selling a stolen item to a fence only 1 time, the 2nd time he should notice that you sell him what you have just stolen, only a proper use of the potions, one of a kind each time, and sell and steal everything you buy to multiple fences, 1 time each, but this is an other level of using a thief...
    that allows you to have the robe of vecna, the str belt, the +4 staff and whatever you need very early in the game. this is one of the powers of a true thief, is much more then a doors opener and traps disabler.
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