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BG1(EE) / BG2(EE): Inconsistencies in the effect of the 'Horror' spell/ability.

In BG2(EE), the effect of the 'Horror' spell / ability is very different from the same effect in BG1(EE). In BG1(EE), creatures struck by this effect only try to escape from the caster. But in BG2(EE) this effect is somewhat similar of the action of the spells like 'Confusion'/'Chaos' (and like that), that is, the creature struck by this effect begins to perform one of follow actions: try to run away from caster or continue to attack a caster. With this, in approximately 7 out of 10 cases, the creature will continue to persue and attack a caster. If the caster has become invisible (by one or another way), creatures affected by this effect will randomly move around the game map.

In this regard, I propose to replace the 'Panic' effect, which is used in this spell/ability to 'Morale break' effect.

For the effect of 'Morale break' , I experimentally chose the following values: the field 'Value' I set to '1000', and the field 'Modifier Type' - 'Set (1)' (for this changes I used 'Near Infinity').

A brief test showed a good result - creatures struck by this effect try to escape from the spellcaster and will not attack him for the entire duration of the spell. And they will return to their normal behavior when this effect ends. I.e. same behavior as in BG1(EE).

I would be glad if people with good understanding of this game or game engine, will express their thoughts about this.



  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,176
    The effect functions the same in both games - the creatures are just scripted to behave differently while affected by it.

  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 61
    kjeron wrote: »
    The effect functions the same in both games - the creatures are just scripted to behave differently while affected by it.

    Quite possible.

    However, in spell/ability descriprion clearly said: 'All enemies within the area of effect when this spell is cast must Save vs. Spell or FLEE IN TERROR...' It does not say here that 'they will probably continue to attack' (in case of failed saving throw).

    Hence the conclusion: current creatures reaction to a spell/ability is a BUG. And I gave my option how to deal with this bug.

    However, I’m not quet sure if this will lead to any unexpected consequences, for example, those creatures that should be immune to 'Horror ' spell will suddenly become vulnerable to it etc. That is why I need the opinion of knowledgeable people.

  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 61
    Slightly rephrased and created a bug report #40286.

  • KFinnKFinn Member Posts: 8
    I'm also having issues, whenever I cast it some creatures have the thing above their head and a yellow circle, but will attack or use special abilities against ALL of my party. As if the spell had zero effect.

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