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Playing an Halfling priest of Lathander

Hello everyone - I have just started a new game with an Halfling priest of Lathander. Her name is Myrtle Leafshadow.
I love Halflings - and I think that Gorion's ward really could be an Halfling. From the age point of view, it would fit, and I can imagine a young halfling running in the corridors of Candlekeep and annoying the monks and the scholars there.
Why Priest of Lathander ? It seems to me that in the atmosphere of Candlekeep, a young girl with a thirst for knowledge and a developing faith (perhaps due to her "divine blood") could become attracted to the priesthood, and particularly the Lathander priesthood, as a kind of unconscious urge to do good in the world, to repair the wrongs by her deeds. Perhaps she feels that there is something wrong in her, and she wants to fight this bad heritage by becoming a beacon for goodness. So she is NG of course.
Abilities : S 8 C 17 D 19 W 17 I 16 C 15
The strength score is low, but it fits my view of Halfling. It is difficult for me to imagine an Halfling with a greater strength score, because of the weight allowance. Of course it will be a penalty for the equipment. But again, it seems to me more logical that she will not be able to wear full plate and even plate mail.
She started with proficiency in club and slings of course.
The first proficiency she gained at level 4 was War hammer, because after killing Bassilus, she discovered that she could wave his light magic war hammer (min strength 8). To cope with the equipment weight, she bought an expensive Chainmail +1 at the Fedelpost Inn (otherwise it was a bit difficult to have a chainmail + small shield + club + helmet which gives already 50 wight which is her maximum). But of course, she uses generally her sling.

It is fun to play a Priest. Usually, my priest is Branwen, who is a great NPC, but this time, because the priest is my character, I spend more time developing it and learning how to use her spells. They are of course less powerful than the Arcane ones, but there are some nice pearls.

Some rules that I have defined:
- this is a good party and I will stick with some basic principles : no thieving (for example in Beregost, this means no Mace of Disruption nor Wand of Lightning nor Nymph Cloak- I have not yet decided what to do when we arrive in BG, regarding the thieves guild, but I will certainly not steal the telescope for Brevlik), no unnecessary fights (no fights with Sendai, with Kiran's group, with Meilum), spare your opponents when it is possible (Tranzig, Tamoko, Cythandria and Mulahey even if at the end he will betray you).
- Because Myrtle is an Halfling, which means she has a pretty small size, she will not be able to wear armors found during her adventures. She needs to have the armor crafted specifically for her, and as a consequence, her armors will not fit others (with the exception of Halflings or gnomes). This means for example that she cannot wear the Ankheg armor found in Nashkel. But she will be able to have Taerom craft a special Ankheg armor for her). Same thing for the caps of course. I think of letting her wear a cap after having it reduced by a craftsman (and spend some money for it - to give it to a Temple even if the reputation is already 20).
- War hammer : she can wave the Ashineeda but with two hands (it means without shield).

For the moment, she is still in Beregost's area, with Imoen and Neera whom she has just recruited.



  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 551
    What will be your party ? I like read threads full of roleplaying :)
    Once i played and illegal halfling paladin, but only in bg1 never goes to bg2.

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 41
    I do not know yet. I need one or two warriors. I think that after chapter 3 she will recruit Kivan and Coran. I plan to recruit Alora when in BG - she will try to convince her to abandon her life of thief and join her.
    I do not like to recruit Kivan before chapter 3 because I had a bad experience one time when meeting Tazok ... at the moment, I hesitate between Khalid-Jaheira and Minsc-Dynaheir...

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 773
    When you have armor crafted specifically for her, will you edit it to be lighter since she is so small and her armor will also be very small?

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 551
    Maybe fit well the Yeslick, Kivan, Alora/Imoen, Neera, Rasaad party. Or a Khalid, Jaheira, Kivan, Alora/Imoen, Neera ? All depends on what you wanna do with Imoen. Stay with you or not, dual to mage or not. 2 thieves doesnt neccessary in this game, but helpful if dual Imoen to have a thief until she gains back thieving skills.

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