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Newbie here _ Truhart

TruhartTruhart Member Posts: 1
edited March 15 in New Members Welcome Area
hmm hello everyone , could someone please tell me what I have to buy and from where, to try and join in with playing games with other ppl on line. I play neverwinter on line , Lotr . Swotr, but I just dont get where all you guys are playing or how it all works. Any help would be greatly received. also should I be starting on BG or BG2 or make no differance? buy on steam or direct?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,448
    probably buying direct you support more the developer as i suppose steam takes part of the price you pay, but steam sometimes make special offers, i bought both bg and bg2 there during an offer and spent less than 50% of the regular price.
    if it has not been changed also gog sells beamdog games, check it.

    about starting with bg or bg2 you can begin with whichever you like, is possible to run every game as standalone, but plot wise is certainly better to start bg, then import in sod, then in bg2, so your character can run trough the whole saga.

    i own bg, both the original and ee versions, but i rarely play it, my focus is all on bg2. they are different games even if based on the same mechanics and rules, what make the difference is the level of experience your character has, in bg you start with very few hit points, your mages will be able to cast only few spells/day, in bg2 is the opposite. bg is more focused on the use of ranged weapons and the right spell for the situation, in bg2 the mlee weapons are more important and your casters have much more spells memorized to use. and the effectiveness of the spells change, some spells that save your day in bg in bg2 are almost not effective as the enemies almost always save against them.

    i like more bg2 cause i like its complexity in magic battles, with protecting and debuffing spells and multiple possible tactics and cause i like to play thieves and a thief can do wonders in the soa part of bg2, hiding and back stabbing, spotting the enemy not detected, then setting traps and luring the enemy into them. i find the fighters quite boring to play, more point and click toons, even if soloing a fighter trough a modded game needs a lot of knowledge about items (potions and all the rest) and some finesse.

    some other players, also very experienced ones, like more bg. is a matter of taste, are both great games.

    i never play multiplayer, so i don't know which is better to play that way.

    i am surely biased toward bg2 but i had made my best to not influence you with my bias.
    hope it helps you.

  • NikmartinNikmartin Member Posts: 1
    I am also a newbie and feel good to read about your statements. thank you

  • ber5nie5ber5nie5 Member Posts: 258
    Welcome to the forum! :)

    As was previously stated whether you prefer BG or BG2, it's a matter of taste. I personally like BG2 better, because you have romances with love talks that you don't get in BG and the NPC's have more personality. For me I don't like the magic system as it's just too complicated for me to remember which spell you need to counter this or that. Having said that though, the saga is a story. So I recommend playing BG first and progress through the story. BG is also a good way to get an introduction to the game and the game mechanics. And BG is a really fun game to play as well.

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