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Opcode 363 (Movement rate check)

GoidaGoida Member Posts: 118
I was going to test and study this effect myself, but I realized that there are too many variables and I could be loading games until Doomsday. Just how does it work? Someone please tell me. Shamans have it built into their SPSH004 spell, and the higher-level versions too, and it works to keep them from moving, or else the dancing stops. There are two "bard song" checks here: first, the shaman dance replaces the bard song, and second, the SPSH004 et al are "Bard song" type spells. I don't know which one does it, but this spell, cast separately on another creature with a different modal action, doesn't stop and get cancelled when the character moves. What do I want to do? To make a spell of my own with lasting effects that will be nullified if the character moves while in the TURNUNDEAD mode. Effectively this will keep characters standing on the spot while turning, or they will risk blow-up/domination from a turning reversal.


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,689
    edited April 12
    I played around with it a year if two ago... my recollection is that it only works for bard song, period, end of story. It is designed in such a way that certain values could be used for other modal actions... but the devs did not actually implement those other possibilities.

    But I had a mod that used it, and I can at least confirm that it can be used with any bard song you can design.

  • GoidaGoida Member Posts: 118
    You mean, it only works from the BardSong() action?

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,689
    I don't use scripts much. I mean you can insert the 363 opcode into any bard song .SPL file, and the result is that the song will stop as soon as the bard moves. (And even there, I vaguely recall that it is fiddly, it only works with the parameters set to this or that particular values.)

    If you want to make Turn Undead prevent movement, you could:
    - Replicate TU in a bard song (by some method that you didn't like in the other thread), and add a 363 effect
    - Maybe, hijack the actual TU ability, and have it trigger a bard song. (I don't know what came of your investigation into this in the other thread.)
    - Maybe TU sets a state upon the priest doing it? Not sure. But if so, you could have a script or repeating effect recognize that state, and apply a movement penalty as long as it is active.

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,834
    Parameter1 and Parameter2 are irrelevant.
    Special Field: Modal State
    0	:	Any Modal (doesn't include 'NONE')
    3	:	STEALTH
    The next time the targeted creature(s) moves while using the specified Modal action, that Modal action ends, this effect ends, and all effects with a matching Parent Resource of this effect are removed from the creature.
    This effect is only applied to the creature if it is currently in the specified Modal action.
    Once applied, the target can manually end the modal action before moving to allow themselves to move without triggering this effect.
    If applied in an EFF file, the "Parent Resource" field must be manually specified.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,689
    Was I mistaken in that some of those are non-functional? Like I say, I'm going from memory and it's a bit fuzzy...

    Maybe it's a logistical problem:
    kjeron wrote: »
    This effect is only applied to the creature if it is currently in the specified Modal action.

    Bard song and shaman dance can create arbitrary effects, so you can include a 363 effect as part of the very modal action mean to be canceled; there is no way to change Turn Undead or Detect Traps to trigger a 363 effect.

    ...Or is there? @kjeron do you happen to know if Turn Undead is detectable in some way? Does it set a state or spellstate, or something?

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,834
    Maybe it's a logistical problem:
    Yep. Doing anything would end the modal, so applying the effect while in the modal has to be done by someone else, or by a repeating effect.
    ...Or is there? @kjeron do you happen to know if Turn Undead is detectable in some way? Does it set a state or spellstate, or something?
    Only script triggers.

    Opcode 232 has a "Turned()" trigger, but cannot target the one who turned them with it's spell, and the effect takes place after any effects of the turning, so it can't be used to block/reflect it.

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