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How much hindered is a Fighter in PS:T?

First of all , i've completed the game few times few years ago but always the same way with a cliche High Int / Wis / Cha Mage and i know how much dialogue doors these stats can open.

My plan now is to do a Fighter walkthrough with a 18 Str , 18 Dex and 12 Con as starting stats knowing that Str gives intimidation options and so on (as well that i should wait for level 7 for the 19 Str and not putting point before).
So how much content am i going to miss without the cliche of Int and Wis combo and has anyone done that before?
My idea is to play a Fighter and i don't wanna gimp my stats and the future points in it , so please cut the answers like ''This Game is about reading'' or ''You can put some stats in ''X''.


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