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Question about Boots of Speed

I was wondering about the Boots of Speed. I know they increase movement speed, but was wondering if they also improve my rate of attack?

If not, what are some of your strategies or utility of these boots?



  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,045
    As said above, they only affect movement speed, not attacks per round.

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,041
    They are useful in a number of ways.
    • close the distance the enemy in less time and start hitting them earlier
    • exit the battle and go somewhere to recover your health and protective spells
    • run out of sight of the enemy, hide in shadows and come back for a backstab
    • kite strong enemies and kill them without much danger to yourself
    • draw groups of enemies apart and deal with them individually
    • while traveling from one end of the map to the other, make sure that your warriors will run into any potential trouble before your mages do [or so you would think - but delayed enemy spawns will screw this up at times]

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    Hmm. What are the best boots to use for combat other than the Boots of Speed?

    Frost resistance boots?
    Electric restistance boots?
    Missile defense boots?
    Other boots?

  • BlomdorBlomdor Member Posts: 26
    edited April 2019
    They may not provide any extra attacks per round, but the Boots of Speed are still one of the most notable items in the game IMO for all the reasons stated by @Humanoid_Taifun . They save you time spent waiting for a party member to get from Point A to Point B -during pickpocketing sprees, for instance, or just sending someone to talk to some plot-relevant NPC - and they allow a melee fighter to close in on particular targets much more quickly, which gives said enemies less opportunity to cause trouble for you before you can start doing the same to them. An archer firing Arrows of Biting at your more vulnerable party members is significantly less of a threat once you have a good fighter up in their face beating them over the head. The same goes for wizards and clerics, who will be pressed to keep defenses up if they're not to be disrupted and chunked before they can cast something nasty.

    What sort of equipment is best for your party is sometimes dependent upon the situation, and all three of the above boots can be useful. That said, if I had to pick just one pair to have in the game, it would certainly be the Boots of Speed.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,618
    edited April 2019
    there are boots that make your thief or ranger more stealthy, really useful until he has enough points in hide in shadows and move silently to hide reliably without them.

    the boots that give protection from something are only useful in the situations when that thing happens, ie the missile defense ones stacked with other items and spells that also improve ac against ranged can be really useful if your caster is attacked by ranged enemies to minimize the chance of disruption.

    the increased speed from the boots stacks with the one from spells making a toon super fast.

    i agree with the reasons told by @Humanoid_Taifun , but imo the real importance of the boots, you can collect more then 1 pair in the game, goes beyond that.
    scouting and spotting the enemy while not spotted and the ability to move fast are the main factors of tactical dominance, placing each npc in a precise spot make you chose which enemies will target every one of your toons, will allow you to concentrate your fire on some enemies that has to be killed first cause are the most dangerous and on and over.

    a flank attacker has not to tank, has to put pressure in the right place in the right moment as the enemy is engaged by the tanks, and has to retreat as soon as the enemy focus on him, the boots of speed are perfect for it.

    a thief that can outrun an enemy can lure it and use a couple of corners of the dungeon to hide as soon as he turn them in the split second the enemy is not on sight. this allows multiple back stabs.

    a high level mage using robe of vecna, amulet of power and improved alacrity can cast a lot of spells in a short time, as the on target spells have a certain speed, need some time to reach the target, the mage with the boots can use his distance from the enemy to control which spells hit first and which ones later, ie having the spells that lower the magic resistance work before other spells that could have been blocked by the resistance hit.

    a toon targeted from an insect plague spell can outrun the insects and run far enough from his party mates so the insects don't spread also to them.

    having tanks/fighters moving fast mean to have the enemies reach them at the moment and in the point you want, maybe a choke point where a tank can block the way of many enemies, or a point where the enemy fighters are enough far from their spell casters that must fight without their support.

    if you use also a potion of invisibility you can even lure all the fighters far from the casters, go invisible, and then deal with the casters without the annoyance of their mlee helpers.

    i like very much to "dance" around dragons with my casters having the lizard try to reach each one of them while an other came from an other direction to cast one more spell and retreats as soon as the dragon try to reach him. with the help of few hasted summons as meat shield to suck the wing buffets and a protected toon that takes the breath with no damage i often beat the dragons without even taking a scratch, the boots are a real help in it.
    it is crucial that only a summon or protected toon takes the buffet od the breath, positioning an tactical dominance is crucial.
    if you have 3 summons and all 3 are kicked away by the same buffet or killed by the same breath there is something wrong in how you deal with a dragon.
    the boots can help a fighter to relocate fast so is out of the angle the buffet works or the area of the breath.

    positioning, fast relocating and pro active reactions to what the enemy does are the keys to win easily many battles, almost all the ones where you are not confined in a little room.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 818
    Even if you plan to be constantly hasted, boots of speed are your best choice for situations when you forget, run out of 3rd level slots or have your haste dispelled. In other games you can find boots with exceptionally useful bonuses but for whatever reason such boots don't exist in IE games.

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