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Question about multiple romances

I've been romancing Aerie, after being forced to choose her over Neera. I picked up Jaheira, and her romance progressed for a while at the same time Aerie's romance was ongoing. Now Aerie started her talk with "I've been thinking about some of the things you've told me." and my response was "I'd like that". Since then, I haven't seen any new lovetalks from Jaheira.

I had begun Jaheira's Harper questline. I did the Baron Ployer thing and cured Jaheira of her curse, and then did the Xzar quest, then a Harper girl came up to her to talk to her after the conclusion of Xzar's quest. Jaheira left my party, I rested outdoors, she came back, and started the Harper quest. She had her first lovetalk with me "Where to, Fearless Leader" after I finished the fight in the Harper's Hold.

I read that the next few steps in Jaheira's Harper Hold questline is dependent on romancing her, meaning no romance = no more progress in Harper Hold quest?

Checked the Lovetalk and Active in EEKeeper. Aerie is at "2" Active and "39" Lovetalks, while Jaheira is at "3" for Active and "13" for Lovetalks.

This brings me to a few questions.

1) Is there a way to keep Aerie and Jaheira's romance active at "2" until I finish the Harper's Hold questline? Seems like whenever I try changing Jaheira's "RomanceActive" back to "1" or "2", it resets back to "3".

2) When SoA ends and ToB begins, do romances reset and the other girls become romanceable again? Or am I stuck with SoA romance (Aerie in this case)?

3) If there's a mod to allow for multiple ongoing romances, would I have to start a new game for it, or will the mod apply to my existing savegames? Reason for this is when I was looking up romance stuff, I've read that characters get different endings depending on whether you're romancing them or if no romance.

A couple side things. I've finished everything there's to do in Chapter 2 except Harper's Hold questline. Once I get this resolved, then I'm ready to move on to Chapter 3 onwards. I still haven't gone into Watcher's Keep though, saving that for later.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 978
    1. Don't know the answer to this one, I'm afraid.
    2. You will keep progressing the SoA romance in ToB. The other romances do not reset (unlike if you romanced anyone from SoD and then imported your character into BG2, for instance).
    3. There is indeed. You want the Gibberlings Three Tweak pack, which you can find here: However, I do not know if installing the mod now would cause any conflicts, especially in the case of romances because there are lots of Global Variables at play. In general, the advice is to install mods before starting a new game.

  • benibielbenibiel Member Posts: 8
    edited April 2019
    With the romances "2" means committed and "3" ended - in your case Jaheira's romance is automatically switching to 3 because you already committed to Aerie's romance. You should still be able to do Jaheira's quest though - takes a couple of in-game weeks for the next bit (you can just rest or something if you want to skip to it) and a lot of real time for the last bit.

    Edit: Wait, there's a couple more parts in the middle with a few days game-time between each I forgot.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,618
    edited April 2019
    yep, jaheira'a harper quest and romance are 2 different things, even if they are closely related.
    if i am not wrong if you romance her the quest progresses a little faster, other way it is really slow.
    not that while romancing her is fast, and it takes both in game time and real time to progress, also other conditions are needed, to trigger a certain point you have to sleep in a wild area and not in an inn, and even if she previously tells you how she likes to camp in the wild nature is possible that a not spoiled player never sleep in the wild...

    also the rewards of the quest, if i am not wrong, change. but i am really not sure about it, as is a long time since i romanced her last time.
    in both cases is any way possible to steal
    2 +2 protection rings from terminsel as long as a thief with boots of speed and good pickpocket score is used, drink a potion as soon as you see him approaching, and run to his pocket before he goes away after the dialogue and vanishes, there is only a sort time window to do it.
    as at the end of the quest is revealed that terminsel is one of the most powerful mages in disguise it is very logic that he has plenty of such rings and equip an other if the one he was using gets lost.
    while the tricks to pickpoket 2 rings of gaxx and up to 3 rings of the ram, things no more possible in EE, had less rp sense as they are unique named items, not generic powerful magic ones.

    playing with the romance and quest variables, the timer ones, should make possible to speed up the quest ad experience it all in a short time.
    better if someone that is able to look into the game files tells the threshold values for the timers, but also by trial and error the values can be found, as long as the player has plenty of saves to revert if he mess up something.

    it could even be possible, having a save before you take back her, to switch aerie/neera romance to phase 1, not begun, take jaheira, live her romance in a short time fiddling with the variables and then drop her or take her but setting her variable to 1 and setting back all the aerie/neera variables to the values they where, romance to 2, lovetalks to whatever it was and timer, but it should not be present in their case.
    not that it has a rp sense, to speed up the quest can have sense as you only cut the time she has to be in your party.
    i suspect that her quest is soa only, so if a player start from tob or reaches tob before the quest is concluded it is lost.

    edit. i just found a post that proved me in error, if jaheira is romanced her quest should progress slower.
    ThacoBell wrote: »
    The romance is not necessary, you just need to finish that npcs quest line. Ironically, romancing her makes the quest line take much much longer.

    Post edited by gorgonzola on
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,649
    You can still do Jaheira's entire questline. No worries there. In fact, some her more egregious timers are actually shorter, when she is not romanced.

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