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FMT Skill Locked - How to unlock?

gorionslegacygorionslegacy Member Posts: 7
As the title says, FMT class is skill locked and cannot progress in leveling up. Anybody aware of fixes?


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,420
    I am not sure I understand what you mean by "Skill locked"... Do you mean they stopped gaining Experience Points? Do you mean they cannot select a skill or something upon leveling up and are locked into the level up screen? Also, which game is this, BG1:EE, BG2:EE, or IWD:EE? Could you elaborate a bit more on your issue?

    If it is that your character stopped gaining XP, as I suspect, then is most likely means you have reached the XP/level cap for the game. You would need to download and install a mod that removes the XP cap if you want to level up further.

  • gorionslegacygorionslegacy Member Posts: 7
    Yes, stopped gaining XP. In BG2EE, is this still a problem?

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,098
    The XP cap for BG2EE is 8,000,000. Like Tresset said, you can install an XP cap remover if you want.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,742
    The XP cap is high enough in BG2 that unless you're running a small party, it shouldn't be an issue. I suppose a FMT might consider a smaller party, being very versatile and powerful. I've used XP cap removers, and they are mostly an issue when we solo, greatly disrupting balance. In a full party, I don't think it's worth bothering with, especially in BG2.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,519
    8M is obviously the total xp, as a FMT has to split it in 3 classes it mean that without cap remover he will never reach 3Mxp in a class so will never be able to cast level 9 arcane spells, he can learn them but has no slots to memorize them.
    this is clearly intended, is a way to compensate the power to have 3 classes, even if with a cap remover he becomes able to do it.
    with a cap remover a triple class can, using tricks to gain more xp then the one that is usually found, reach 24M xp becoming powerful as a pure mage, a pure thief or cleric and almost as powerful as a pure fighter, he misses gm, getting an incredible number of hla, as he begins to gain them at 3M xp total, so with each class at lower levels then a pure class or dual, and he get an hla (of which pool he likes) every new level in a class.
    triple class are really powerful with the xp cap, removing it they potentially make every other class or combo very weak in comparison.
    a fmc soloing has the potential, way before reaching the level cap, to gain 20M xp or more in a couple of hours of playing only relying on his spells and class features.
    also a FMT can do it, but is slower, probably need 3 or 4 hours instead of 2.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,519
    I did some calculation.
    A triple class at the moment he get his first hla is fighter lev12 and he get a hla for that class, mage lev12, without getting it, and cleric lev12 or thief lev14, also here no hla at the 3M xp threshold.

    At 24M xp the levels are F40, M31 and C or T 40.

    so he get 40-11=29 hla from F, 40-12=28 hla from M and 40-12=28 hla if cleric and 40-14=26 hla if thief.

    A FMT will have with the xp cap remover up to 83 hla, a FMC 85.
    The power of a toon that can pull out like 40 GWW in a row, cast lev 9 arcane spells and has other 40 hla to use for other purposes, like spike traps, time traps, CS and the rogue hlas that protect him is unmatched.
    By the way if ee did not fix it the FMT can use more then 1 assassination/day, so with so much hla he can have let's say 10 assassination/day to murder everything that is not immune to stabbing.
    DW the correct weapons and improved hasted he can have up to 10apr, that with assassination active do the damage of 50apr, at least regular damage, the elemental one and the str bonus don't get multiplied.
    But 50 apr for 10 or more rounds/day...

    I think that with the numbers figured out what i told in my previous post is much more evident.

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