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BGEE - Mods on Android?

Hi all, I'm enjoying BGEE on Android but would love if some of my PC mods could work on this version.

Is it possible to get NPC project or other big mods to work on android?

Thanks :)


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,803
    Hi @Sevrei, and welcome to the forum. I have found that most mods will work on the Andorid platform. If you have a PC (and it sounds like you have), you can build the mods that you want to transition across over to the android device on the PC, create a modfile and play away. The document I linked is a little outdated but most of the method is still relevant. Just ignore that part about editing the .obb files. This does not need to be done anymore.

    NPC Project works fine but go for the latest Beta version. It is more stable then v23. So far a big mods go, I have tried many and 'most' seem to install well. I have had some troubles getting the triggers to work but that was on the PC platform as well so either a conflict with other mods or a bug. You can also setup access to the cheat console using a GUI intterface and should be able to use any of the GUI (mostly only used Lefruet's GUI mods) mods as well.

    If you want a quick test of an Android modfile, then have a quick look here. These are links to modfiles that are consistent across the trilogy and quick and easy to test prior to creating your own. Once tested, to delete, just remove or rename the override folder and the (if renaming, don't leave the extension as .zip as it will conflict with other .zip files) file and you are back at vanilla.

    For an example that has the GUI modified, dave a look at this modfile. There were problems with the GUI (I still have worked out which mod it was conflicting with but I know that it worked by itself on my phone) which was fixed using EEUITweaks instead.

    For both examples, you can read the WeiDU.log to see exactly what was installed.

    Not sure what device you are using but if want some assisstance then just let me know and I will provide what I can.

    Best of luck

  • SevreiSevrei Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the comprehensive reply Via. Hopefully I'll find the time to try this out sometime :)

    I just can't take a playthrough seriously on my phone or tablet knowing I'm missing the NPC project.

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