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RascalRascal Member Posts: 4
I have zero scripting knowledge. What I need help with is for someone gracious enough to script something for me and my brothers PW we are just now making. My area(s) that I will be making for it are a haunted forest and ghost town. What I'm thinking is having the PC enter the area and as soon as they do it activates 4 waypoints where a ghost (zombie) appears. It will have the ghostly visage, be un-killable, and have its movement decreased while it shambles towards the pc then despawns within 2-3 seconds. I was thinking around 5 seconds between each spawn should be good enough to start with.

Is this possible to get the effect of ghosts wandering around the forest?


  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 168
    I would suggest you get NESS (a scripted spawn system) from and use that. There are easy methods for spawn/despawn such as you describe built-into this spawn system, it is EASY to use and easy to config. You basically don't need custom scripting for this particular task. :)

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