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ToB: Dorn and Hexxat quests

Hey guys, been working at ToB. Finished Neera and Rassad's quests. Neera was interesting, being teleported to the capital city of Thay, fight in the arena and see Voghlin from SoD (but he doesn't even acknowledge you). Then meet Szass Tam the Thay lich, cleaned out the other mage's house and courtyard.

Rassad's quest was interesting as well, having 3 ways to get at the Sharrans: Ride a log to a secret door, make a secret tunnel under the river with explodeys, and direct assault. Then chasing Algoroth through the mine. The fight at the shadow gate was brutal. These Shadow Guard really hurt. Had to have Aerie cast Time Stop then 3 Horrid Wiltings with Robe of Vecna + Amulet of Power, and even then, it was a close shave. The ending to Rassad's quest left a bit of mixed feelings. Algogoth gets stuck in Shadow Plane, but why couldn't we kill the bastard ourselves?

I started Dorn's quest, and more interesting stuff. We go to Heaven and kill stuff to get to that Scroll of Retribution. Storming the Pearly Gates and killing Planetar angels. That brings me to my first question:

1) What names are worth putting into the Scroll as replacement, and why?

I'm also ready to start Hexxat's quest after I finish Dorn/ But she seems really touchy. This is my second question. When I call her up in the Pocket Plane, she joins my party. Then if I try to dismiss her, she gets bitchy and rage quits, never to be seen again. She even dimension doors outta my Pocket Plane.

2) When will it be safe to dismiss Hexxat without her rage quitting permanently (like Jaheira in SoA)? Do I have to finish her whole quest before I can dismiss her safely, or would I be stuck with her permanently?

I don't want to keep Hexxat around because she will conflict with Mazzy and Keldorn, and I have to temporarily dismiss Mazzy + Keldorn to do Hexxat's quest so no conflict will happen.


  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,603
    I've only done those two quests once and it was some time ago so my memory is hazy but,

    1) I found this thread:

    2) Whilst I can't help with the question about dismissing Hexxat I do have a word of advice about her quest:
    Hexxat's quest is easy to get stuck in if you play too cautiously: Right at the start of the dungeon something is supposed to happen which an overly cautious player (i.e. an untrusting ex-PnP cynic like me) will have guarded against. However, if you successfully prevent that event from happening the quest carries on regardless but you are stuck in the dungeon with no way out.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    I checked, and I feel so dumb right now. Hexxact is still in the game. She stands left of the exit portal to the Pocket Plane. Didn't realize it was her. All other companions walk to their assigned wait spots, so I know I don't lose them, but Hexxat just gates there, which threw me off. I have completed Hexxat's quest, and she can safely be dismissed in the Pocket Plane, and can be re-recruited whenever we want.

    As for Dorn quest and the Scroll of Retribution. I have the following listed as options:

    Saemom Havarian

    I already killed Yaga, and the two demons don't make sense. Huge plot mess up with Dorn. I didn't have him in my SoA endgame party that killed Irencius, so he doesn't transfer directly to ToB. I had to call him through the Fate Spirit in the Pocket Plane.

    1) His Abyssal Blade has both bonuses. You get both bonuses by killing both demon patrons, Ur Gothoz and Azothet.

    2) If both demon patrons are dead, Dorn's stats would have been nerfed, but his ToB stats have not been nerfed.

    3) When doing the forest ambush with the Planetar, the game randomly selects either Ur-Gothoz or Azothet as the patron who triggers the opening of the portal to Lunia.

    4) In Lunia, Dorn gets "commands" from either Ur-Gothoz or Azothet, it's random who.

    So the two demon names shouldn't be on the Scroll of Retribution if they're both dead (as per Abyss Blade power up), If we ignore Abyss Blade's double power up, then one demon is still Dorn's patron and the other should be dead if we kept Dorn's uber stats and one power up for Abyss Blade. Or Arothet would be unknown to CHARNAME if we skipped Dorn's quest in SoA (and never met her), so CHARNAME wouldn't have Arothet's name to put on the scroll even if the demon's still alive and unmet. Finally, Yaga-Shura's name shouldn't be an option on the list because he's already dead.

    According to the other thread, a Planetar appears for the Sendai and Abazigal fights, and we get to see a scene with Noober. Nothing conclusive about Saemon, though. Sending the Planetar after the demon patrons doesn't make sense if they're already dead, but doing so supposedly lowers Dorn's stats.

    So which names would be more fun to put in? Noober and Saemon? Or do we get more if we send the Planetars after Sendai or Abazigal? What are your thoughts?

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,205
    @Veristek I think the name you put in the book of retribution is just for funsies. I recommend Saemon, personally.

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,041
    "Oh look, fellow planetar, everybody in our home is dead."
    - "Indeed. It is a tragedy."
    - "Fello planetar, will we ever find the culprit I wonder?"
    - "They are probably too smart to leave a clue."
    - "Take a look at this, fellow planetar. It appears that somebody most recently crossed out a name from the Scroll of Retribution and added another in its stead."
    - "What do you mean, most recently?"
    - "I mean, my fellow planetar, that it appears to have happened at the same time as this most foul massacre."
    - "What an ironic coincidence. But if they found the time to make such a change even while everybody was getting slaughtered, then it must be truly important."
    - "Let us rush, my fellow planetar, and bring divine Retribution to this unholy Noober!"
    - "Will you stop saying that."

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    Just thought of something. Wouldn't Tyr know it was you who killed all his people, or get descriptions from people living in the towers in Lunia who saw the carnage? Then simply re-add your and Dorn's name to the Scroll anyway?

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,041
    I do not think there is any realistic way for them not to know.

    If they decide to go along with your edit of their papers, it is either because the scroll itself is a law that they must not ignore, or it is because they took a good look at the scene of mass-murder and decided it might be healthier for them if they pretended to be stupid enough to not second-guess the alteration of the scroll.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,261
    They were probably content in knowing that eventually you and Dorn would get your just desserts anyway. (Unless your Bhaalspawn decides to embrace their heritage and ascend to godhood, of course.) One day both of you will be dead, and your souls will be drawn to either the Abyss or the Nine Hells to receive your just punishments.

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