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Aola doesn't examine box.

Artemus223Artemus223 Member Posts: 4
I'm not sure if this question was asked before, so please direct me to the post if it was.

So I am trying to do the Ornate Box quest, and I'm at the part where I show the box to the Aola priest. However, when I give it to him he says that he senses nothing from the box and gives it back from me. I don't see this mentioned in other walkthroughs so I was wondering if I am missing something. I went back to Shilandra and she told me she was busy. I am not sure if the quest is botched or I have to do something else.

Now I should mention that I lost the box somehow after trying to make space for my companions' inventory. So assuming it disappeared from the game, I used console commands to spawn the box. Even though I was able to follow through with the quest, I'm thinking maybe this has to do with the issue. But again, I'm not sure.

Any help is welcomed.


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