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Zaram Maldovar's Ill-Fated No-Reload Journey (Attempt #37: Zurtha the Abjurert)



  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    This was a rather interesting ambush site


    Revenge is a dish best served cold...and one that almost cost me the game. Those Xvarts mean business


    Honestly I just thought this was a cool shot

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    Screenshot Dump!


    I thought for sure that this was the end of my run; but thanks to strategic use of the Ring of Free action I survived (this would become a recurring theme for the night)


    Breezed through these guys


    Honestly this was the very first time I made it through these guys without dying horribly (pats self on the back)


    Sarevok's side piece on the other hand packed a bit more of a whollop!


    Cute. Be sure to give my regards to the Flinds


    I'm always a bit annoyed that you have to show your invitation twice. If I don't have an invitation, how'd I get inside? Sure, I could've killed the guard but then how would I have opened the gate? No 25 strength scores here buddy.


    Here we go (fingers crossed)


    So Winski just got way more interesting! Hats off to Sarevok's mentor for going out like a badass. Honestly if I would've lost here I wouldn't have even been mad.


    After the party getting walloped by not one, not two, but three bouncing lightning bolts and (somehow) surviving, Minsc protects his witch by delivering the killing blow to this foul demon.


    Khira's companions give her a little encouragement as she charges into the unknown


    I had a do a double take when I first saw this. I can't believe it worked! Imoen's Arrows of Biting might not have done the job but Dynaheir really came through by pulling off this wand trick first try.

    I finally defeated BG1 without reloading now my next challenge is....


    Welcome to Siege of Dragonspear, Khira. Are you ready to venture where none of your brethren have ventured before?


    Minsc's kill count is well over 500! And that's just for BG1


    Thanks Tutorial Imoen, but I think I've got this!


    Ok so maybe I've got this a little less than I thought.


    I've missed the party banter from SOD the fact that you can keep listening to it as you walk around makes it feel much more like an adventure.


    That Skeleton Mage almost cost me my winning streak. Luckily my characters are a bit too tough to go down that easily


    (Rolls Eyes)


    Will just one of them suffice?


    Oh hey, Irenicus! Sup?


    Maybe if Khira were CN she'd agree with you. Sadly, honor and duty await!


    I get the sense that Duke Silvershield doesn't care for Bence Duncan


    Is anyone else disappointed that we never get to hear that story? Glint for BG2 anyone? I'd like that. BG2 has a depressing lack of Thief choices.


    Why does a NG Cleric have a spell powered by Shar?


    Back off, Safana. Nobody insults Boo in front of me!


    And the night ends on another strategic use of the Ring of Free Action. Well that's enough for now, I shall return to conquer more unfinished BG1 areas tomorrow.

    I'm debating on whether or not to finish Durlag's Tower now or come back during BG2 (It would be amusing to bring Yoshimo to Durlag's Tower)

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    Not much to say here, got saved by some lucky shots from the guards. Not off to a great start.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    And....death by Kobold. Yeah that seems about right

    Time for drastic action...

    Attempt #13: Duerra the Defender


    Hmm, I've never actually had someone tank that Magic Missile from Tarnesh before. It's a good thing we got him before his 2nd one went off.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    Ok so I'm back in the saddle. I know this isn't much but I'll try to post more later. I'm ready to start more challenges now. Let's see how far I get.

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    edited October 2019
    I like your reports, easy and fun to read, keep it coming !

    I hope your DD will progress smoothly, this class has great survivability !
    You could also make it almost immune to everything in BG1 with:
    - great AC : get the gauntlets of Dexterity since you only have 15, Ankheg armor, Ring of Protection +2, Helm and Cloak of Balduran, plus whatever girdle is needed depending on who you face. Potion of Absorption if facing blunt-wielding foes also ensures only criticals can land (+10 AC in one gulp, stacking with everything else).
    - great saving throws : can get pretty low with shorty bonus and right gear like helm & cloak of balduran, ring+2, might even try Claw of Kazgaroth although a bit risky since you sacrifice 2 CON (since you start with 19, 20 with Tome, you still get 18 which allows for max shorty bonus) and a 4 point malus in saves vs Death (mainly, poison), but get +3 to all other saves. Don't hesitate to chunk Potions of Invulnerability on top (+5, stacking with itself), and you probably can get them to 0 by the end of BG1.

    In fact, a quick calculation shows, at least for saving throws against spells:
    - lvl 8 fighter = 13
    - shorty bonus = 8
    - helm/cloak/ring+2 = 4
    - kazgaroth = 1

    If I remember correctly, ST=1 ensures that you save against ALL spells thrown at you that have no modifiers (since it means you need to roll "at least 1" on a d20 dice). Add a Potion of Invulnerability and even with Malison (looking at you, Semaj), you will still be invulnerable to all spells.

    Your saves vs Death would be pretty good too:
    - lvl 8 fighter = 10
    - all-of-the-above, minus Kazgaroth = 1
    - with Kazgaroth AND potion of Invulnerability = 0

    I think the rest of the saving throws are too situational and rare to even matter (the only one I can think of right now is Shoal forcing you to make a save vs Breath when she kisses you. Seems legit too).

    I know it is still a long way for you, but for Sarevok's fight, if I recall correctly (i found some calculations i made for a past run), with Sarevok's -9 thac0, you can get -20 AC against slashing with just your gear and some potions:

    - Full Plate Armor : -3 vs Slashing
    - Golden Girdle : -3 bonus vs slashing
    - helm+cloak of balduran : -2
    - ring of protection +2 : -2
    - kazgaroth's ring : -2
    - Pellan Shield : -3
    - dex gauntlets and 2 potions of Mind Focusing (bringing your DEX to 24) : -6

    You're already at -21 AC ("normal" AC can't go below -20, but that is without the dex bonus, so in this case, you can go as low as -26).

    You can actually and temporarily get to -26 AC:
    - Potion of Defense/Invulnerability would reduce it by 1 (since the armor base AC is 1, while the potion is 0, and it does not override the extra bonus against slashing from the armor)
    - Protection from Evil grants +2 AC from attacks made by evil enemies (doesn't appear in character sheet)
    - Defensive Harmony grants additional +2 AC (doesn't appear either in character sheet if memory serves), but it only lasts 6 rounds.

    a -26 AC means that Sarevok will only hit you on a 17 or better roll. With your high HP pool and damage reduction, you could tank him for a long long time (well, until your buffs run out off course).

    You can further this by lowering Sarevok's thac0 (doom, blindness, slow for a total of -10), but it requires bypassing his high Magic Resistance and great Saving throws (doable, but random and not reliable on a no-reload run).

    ... alright, sorry for the long post, I got a bit carried away :wink:

    EDIT : I actually forgot to take into consideration your bonus from the kit, which means, at lvl8 and with the Defensive Stance : another +2 saving throws bonus, and 60% damage resistance. You'll be laughing at Sarevok's tickles and Semaj's spells (just be careful of Semaj's dispel magic). Tazok and Angelo should not be any threats either given your effective AC against slashing and missiles (with the right boots and shield). Some fire resistance for Angelo's arrows is also easy to implement with scrolls/potions/gear.

    ... OK, i think my next run will be a solo dwarven defender...

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  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited October 2019

    Ok so my rust showed in very poor mistakes, but maybe starting a fresh character isn't so bad. Facing that Ogre was NOT a good idea and then I got waylaid while weighed down with the equipment of 3 characters.

    Hooray for fun!

    Edit: These posted out of order but you get the idea.


  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    Attempt #14: Kalos the Assassin


    My name is Kalos; and I kill people. You want someone dead? I'm your guy. After all, my old man's the god of flarkin' murder so I guess it's in my blood. If you're lucky enough to find me and rich enough to hire me then whoever you want me to send up the river'll end up in a bodybag yesterday. You're probably wondering how I got here. Well for a few coppers and an ale I guess I can you my story.

    Sit down, kid. It's not a happy tale...

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571

    I was rooting for that Dwarven Defender ! I'm sad.

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 748
    Mourning the DD, but looking forward to the elven assassin next!

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited October 2019
    That's what I get for taking time off in the middle of a run. But I'm fresh and ready now so I think I'll make less mistakes.

    14th time's the Charm maybe? I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    My story starts here in Candlekeep. I was raised here and it's just REALLY boring. Nothing but old men and books. Honestly if I didn't get involved in adventuring I probably would've died of boredom here way sooner than I would've gotten myself skewered by a poisoned dagger out there.

    See that old guy on the steps? That's my pops Gorion. Not my real pops, but the pops I deserved. He never did me wrong and he taught me how to use a blade so I suppose we're square.

    That chick chasing behind me? That's my friend Imoen. She's a pain the ass but she's my pain in the ass and I'd do anything to protect her.

    Well one day I had to eat those words. I was doing my chores as usual when Gorion suddenly filled my pockets with gold and told me to buy some equipment from Winthrop because we were leaving. Apparently Candlekeep was no longer safe for us and someone was trying to kill me. After stealing some coin from upstairs to buy the equipment Gorion couldn't afford to give me, I set about grabbing everything else I needed only to get attacked by two guys named Shank and Carbos (seriously who names themselves Shank?)


    Fast Forward a few hours and me and Gorion hit the road but we got ambushed by a huge guy in spiky armor who killed Gorion. I got out of there as fast as I could where I ran into Imoen. Turns out she had been following me and saw everything. Gorion is dead and now we're all alone. But I won't abandon my friend.


    We buried Gorion. As much as I hated Candlekeep, it was sad to see the old man go. Imoen wanted to stick around for a while but with assassins after us and Gorion giving me specific orders to find Jaheria and Khalid at the Friendly Arm I knew we need to keep moving.


    We ran across two thugs on the road who offered us potions. I trust them about as far as we can throw them but if we get ambushed again we're going to need backup. If anything else I can use these two morons as cannon fodder.


    Our new companions have introduced themselves as Xzar and Montaron and they seem to want to head south to investigate some sort of crisis in Nashkel. I was able to convince them to take a detour so we can meet Khalid and Jaheria but something tells me this will come up again later.

    On our way to the Friendly Arm Inn we came across some crazy old man who seemed to be a little too curious about our movements. Suspicious of his motives I sent him away, but he seemed harmless enough. Something about him seems familiar, like I've seen him somewhere before.


    Turns out Montaron is quite good with a poisoned blade, and it ended up saving us from another assassin on the steps of the inn who very nearly killed us all with spells that caused almost all of us to run in fear. Imoen seemed quite interested in his spellbook, but I'm hesitant to explore something that could get her hurt. There are more important things to worry about right now but hopefully Jaheria and Khalid will be able to answer some lingering questions that we've all had.

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    Very nice character building ! I am starting to like Kalos, which is often a big death flag in these challenges :wink:

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    Gods when you put it that way you make me sound like George RR Martin. Though to be fair after 13 failed attempts I've certainly earned the reputation.

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    You know, your thread made me want to try no-reload myself ;)
    Never played that way in 20 years !

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    AN: Progress will be slow for a while as it's taking some time to get back into the swing of things. But without further ado here is some more of the Tale of Kalos.


    We met up with Khalid and Jaheria and it turns out they're going to same place as Xzar and Montaron; though I get the sense that they have different reasons for wanting to investigate this apparent Iron Crisis. Our first stop on the road to Nashkel was a small but busy town named Beregost. No sooner had we arrived then we earned the ire of a town drunk named Marl who tried to pick a fight with Montaron. I told the runt to shut his trap or I'd shut it for him with a knife. I get the sense that the half-man could easily trump me in that sense but in the end he chose to back off. We don't talk much but there seems to be a mutual respect here, though I certainly don't trust him or his addled necromancer friend.


    We barely made it a few hours out of Beregost before Jaheria found herself nearly squashed by some ugly ogre-kin strolling down the main road like they owned the place. We decided it was flee the scene and hope Jaheria can survive long enough for us to make it to the temple

    AN: In some cases I will refer to non-chunking deaths as simply grave injuries rather than death. This is simply to make a more realistic storyline.


    The priests at Beregost's Temple shared some very interesting news with us. Apparently a mad cleric by the name of Bassilus has been causing some problems south of High Hedge and has a hefty bounty on his head. I suggested to the group that we take a detour so we off this scumbag but with the exception of Imoen everyone seems deadset on Nashkel. We'll rest a while here and then head south. But when we get back? As far as I'm concerned that bastard has signed his death warrant.


    We made short work of our Ogrillion assilants on our second venture down south, but whilst looting the bodies we discovered a letter to someone named Mirianne from her husband down south. He had apparently sent a messenger but judging from the large bones we found on the smelly corpses I can only asssume the poor guy got eaten.


    We found Mirianne, Imoen wouldn't stop nagging me until we tried to find her and we got lucky. It turns out just about everyone knows everyone in Beregost. She was pretty grateful to get the letter, I guess it's great that some people can be happy because I get the sense that I'm not going to be happy again for a long time.


    We ran across some random drow broad in the woods running from the Flaming Fist. Normally I don't interfere in this business but she seemed harmless enough so I took care of the bastard for her and then sent her on her way. I never liked those guys anyway, huge sticks up their asses. A group of them tried to stop us a bit further south with the dumbass idea that we were bandits. If we were bandits, why would be walking out in the open? Idiots.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    Returning to Beregost for supplies, we rested at the Red Sheaf only to be attacked once again. We made short work of this one but it seems the bounty has been increased. I don't know why anyone would want me specifically dead but I'm grateful to have such well-armed allies.

    As we finished traveling south towards Nashkel I began to learn more about my companions, though not directly from them. Apparently Jaheria and Khalid are members of the Harpers (Gorion, a Harper? I suppose it makes sense) and Xzar and Montaron are from a rival group known as the Zhentarim. I get the feeling that things might get murky when we get to Nashkel but all seem to be working together pretty well so far. Mayhaps I should sleep with one eye open.


    680 GOLD?! Our assailants are becoming much smarter and more powerful and their mysterious employer clearly has very deep pockets. No sooner had we arrived in Nashkel than we found ourselves attacked once again (6 assassins in less than a week? How am I not already a corpse?) and we all very nearly died in the process. Khalid and Imoen proved to be more annoying than usual complaining about picking various bits of vine out of their clothing but Xzar only responded with giddy delight at collecting necromatic samples from "Our latest choice victim". The man concerns me.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,290
    Dude! It just came to me that you could write a fanfiction about your protagonists who died and got replaced by another one.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    But I'm already writing a fanfic about Zaram. Plenty of death in that one. XD

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited October 2019

    AN: Given these Skeletons bows is just cruel.


    I had a very strange dream last night. Gorion appeared to me and told me I can't look back. So sooner had he said this than two paths branched out before me. One path seemed to promise everything I could hope for, but something just wasn't right. It seemed wrong, as if Gorion's voice was telling me not to take it but another voice was insisting that I do. I think I chose the right path but I am unsure. A sinister voice told me that I would learn.

    Imoen in particular seemed very concerned; I decided not to tell her that I can feel surges of magic similar to what I feel when someone casts a healing spell coursing through my veins. But something tells me I won't be able to keep this a secret forever.


    One of Khalid's weapons broke today. I suspected it has something to do with Iron Crisis that keeps being mentioned and when we finally spoke with the mayor Berrun Ghastkill he confirmed my suspicions. Apparently most of the region gets it's ore from the Nashkel Mines but something has caused all of it to fall apart very quickly. Every group the mayor has sent to investigate in the past has never returned. I get the sense we may be stepping into something that is way over our heads but I promised my companions I would aid in the situation so I've put myself between a rock and a hard place here.


    A.N. Oh, I like this! :)


    On our way to the Nashkel Mines we found ourselves ambushed by a group of very well-armed bandits. We would surely be dead (I feel like I should get used to saying that) if it wasn't for a half-orc blackguard named Dorn who had some sort of score to settle with their leaders. Dorn offered his services in exchange for our help locating his other targets but I declined for now. Our priority is to fix the situation in Nashkel but Dorn informed us he would wait for a time at the Friendly Arm Inn. He is certainly a useful ally to consider and not an enemy I would want to cross.


    I met the man in charge of bounties in Nashkel and he looks and acts like he ate every slice of the Dumbass Loaf. This moron thought I was someone named Greywolf who apparently a very capable assassin. Not wanting to cross YET ANOTHER asshole who could kill us, I opted out of the reward with hesitation. I'm not the most upstanding guy but stealing someone else's bounty? I have standards.


    AN: *Sigh* How is this fair?


    It took us as few days but we got the master of the mines to remove the giant stick from his ass and let us take a look inside the mines. *Sigh* Well here goes nothing. If I die, tell Lucky Number #15 that I hate her.


    No sooner had we reached the 2nd level of the mines than we saw one of the miners running from "demons" we turned out to be Kobolds. Ah great, the cockroaches of the dungeon world! Isn't that nice?


    Xzar concerns me more and more as each day passes. While exploring the 3rd level of the mines (who in the flark digs a mine THIS far down. I mean there's FLARKIN lava all over the place) Montaron got skewered by a stray arrow and Xzar only seemed interested in turning his traveling companion into fodder for his experiments. Remind me not to die around this creepy bastard. I'm getting these two out of my party the first chance I get.


    I had to pawn Gorion's belt to bring Montaron back. He had better not make me regret this decision or we'll truly see who ends up getting their throat cut. I'd told him I'd imagine Xzar would pay good money for a halfling throat and that got him to shut up.

    Let's just get this Nashkel situation over with. I'm already 110% done.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    Imoen seems to enjoy teasing Khalid and Jaheria. Honestly I could listen to it for days if we weren't battling four our flarkin' lives at the moment. I really hope Imoen learns to shut her trap when I'm trying to focus on not getting skewered by these cockroaches on hind legs.


    Ok so it might have been a mistake to charge blindly into the big bad's lair, but sue me for having an itchy trigger finger.


    Well there goes my story, folks. I told you it wasn't a happy one but I bet you didn't think it was going to end this fast did ya? No refunds either I'm taking these coppers and I'm taking this ale and I'm running. I mean what are you gonna do, stab me? I'm already dead.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited October 2019
    AN: Ok so for future runs I've got a wheel running to decide which class I'm going to play, taking each class off the list that I've already used. This makes me spend less time discussing which class to play next and adds an air of mystery to this whole thing. In any case, let us continue

    Attempt #15: Urga the Transmuter (Great, another mage. I don't expect this one to last. I suck at these)


    Hello, my name's Urga. And if I hear one more word about how Half-Orcs can't be mages I'll bash open your skull and use it for spell components. If you're evil, I'll bash open your skull and use it for spell components. If you hurt innocent people, I'll bash open your skull and use it for spell components. Are we crystal clear? Good. Now let's get a move on.

    My story starts here at Candlekeep, I grew up here. Matter of fact I've been here my entire life, or at least most of it. I certainly can't remember ever NOT living here. Apparently my father died before I was born and my mother died giving birth to me, I was raised by a monk named Gorion but I never really meshed well with the monk lifestyle. I guess the part about Half-Orc's being brutes has some merit to it; but Gorion (bless that poor old man's heart) didn't seem to think so and he trained me to hone my strength of body and mind and use it to learn magic. I took a particular liking to Transmutation and Gorion seems pretty satisfied with the results but I can always use more training.

    In any case, I was doing my daily chores and Gorion stopped by. I thought he wanted to get an early start on training and I was eager to comply but something else was up. Candlekeep he says is no longer safe for us but I can't imagine why. Visitors seem hesitant to deal with me but apart from Ulraunt everyone who actually lives here has warmed up to me quiet well especially the Innkeeper Winthrop. And surely anyone who wanted to kill me wouldn't make it past the guards would they? If they did I'd bash open their skulls and use them for spell components. But I trust Gorion and if he says it's time to move then it's time to move. So now I've got a pocket full of gold and an understanding Winthrop to help me get ready for my journey.

    Where is Gorion taking me? Maybe together we can find out. Just be on your best behavior; or I'll bash open your skull and use it for spell components.

    AN: The more I right this character the more I think I should've mad her CHAOTIC Good but it 's too late to change that now. I think I can make NG work though. Enjoy this one for however long she lasts.

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571

    Well there goes my story, folks. I told you it wasn't a happy one but I bet you didn't think it was going to end this fast did ya? No refunds either I'm taking these coppers and I'm taking this ale and I'm running. I mean what are you gonna do, stab me? I'm already dead.

    See ? Toldya about that death flag :sweat_smile:

    Not really convinced about that half orc transmuter. Which means your run should be smooth ^^.

    Quick suggestion, you should put your images in spoiler tags, makes the reading and loading of your runs smoother, and scrolling between comments easier ;)

    When I have time to play again (should be somewhere next week or the one after that), I'll start my own no-reload attempts.
    I like the concept of randomly choosing race/class/alignment. I'll have to find a way to custom-make myself one Wheel of Fortune

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited October 2019
    I'm only using the wheel for class. Race and Alignment are up to me.

    I use Random Picker

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251
    edited October 2019

    AN: Ok this is just embarassing, I really have lost my touch. CARBOS?! (Facepalms) Next please!

    Attempt #16: Kanto the Avenger


    What is life but what we make of it? What is destiny but the overflowing ebbing of life, etched out by us in turn? What is choice but the denial of subjugation? What is nature but the force from which power is derived? I am Kanto, and I have gazed into my past and seen not but failure and suffering as I am constantly reborn and placed at the start only to die yet again. Forced into eternal servitude to a dark master seeking only death and destruction as he pulls at my strings.

    No longer. I will survive. I will avenge the fallen through fire and blood and pain. I see now that the only true way to survive is to remove emotion from the equation. All that remains is nature and prowess and purpose and power.

    And there is no truer motive than revenge....

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    I made short work of my business in Candlekeep and met with Gorion. I would like to say that I was saddened by his passing but I have now viewed his corpse so many times that there is nothing left but the desire to move forward. Gorion was weak. My past incarnations were weak. I am strong and there is only power. I must find more companions to protect myself until I am strong enough to venture forward. I will not make the same mistakes my brethren made before me.

    There will be blood...

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    Hahahaha, loved the presentation ! Avenger is indeed quite accurate !

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,251

    I acquired the two Zhentarim along the way. My previous incarnations made great use of them as canon fodder and I intend to do the same; though perhaps they will prove more useful than I initially assumed. We shall have to see.


    Four companions in not enough, I obtained the Paladin along the way just north of the Friendly Arm Inn. He should prove a useful meat shield to protect myself and the weaker party members as we go to face Tarnesh. I will not allow myself to overrun again. We shall turn the tables on our unsuspecting prey.


    We rushed our would be assailant at the door. Though my companions questions my intent I ignored their inquires. They are here to aid in my ascension, not to question my orders. In time they shall learn their place as will all of the creatures in this acursed game. I shall not allow playing by the rules to affect my life again.


    In many past lives I have followed the wisdom of Jaheria and Khalid. They are truly worthy companions but I have no need of them at the moment. They shall remain here and we shall proceed on our own. Beregost is awaiting our arrival and shall prove quite useful in gathering our power.


    Encountering Marl once again I aided him in exchange for the boost in power this world calls "Experience" and the killed him for additional XP. Ajantis was angered by this. The paladin is a fool to question my motives and actions but perhaps there is some wisdom to his words. I recall a past life nearly leaving this mortal coil due to poor reputation. Perhaps I shall seek to remedy this in the future. Yes, balance of Reputation shall suit my needs perfectly.


    I miscalculated and it was very nearly my undoing. I shall have to think more clearly in the future lest this fool who thinks to pull my strings be compelled to remake me once again. I shall do whatever it takes to make sure this does not happen.


    I acquired another tank. He should prove useful for a time though he may depart as I have no intention of completing his harrowing quest until such time as I have obtained more power. The concerns of these pathetic false characters concern me little but if they will aid in my ascension than I shall continue to pander to the masses.


    100 gold is a small sacrifice to pay for ressurection. The important thing is our troublesome foes have been dealt with. We shall stay in Beregost for a time and then head south for Nashkel. I require more power than a paltry Level 1 in order to face the trials that await me. I shall gain enough power to smite all who stand before me.

    And only then shall I allow that fool Mulahey the sweet release of death.

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    edited October 2019
    I have tried a no-reload run. It is just impossible for me, I care too much about my characters.
    Instead, I went for another challenge:
    - solo
    - insane
    - poverty (only a staff or club is allowed, no other gear except for quests). Gold gained from quests can only be used in Temples (donations and healing) or inns.
    - only 1 reload per chapter allowed (the automatic save you get each chapter, must be deleted if used. For example, if I die once in middle of chapter3, I can reload the save from the beginning of chapter 3, and then delete it. If I die again, I must use the save from chapter 2, and so on until no save is left).

    I rolled a half orc cleric/thief, for the 19 starting strength. I think gnome would be easier for the better thief skills, despite the lesser STR and WIS.
    I put all my skills in stealth & set traps, and a few in disarm traps. Lockpick is almost useless in such a run, and 19STR + DuHM if needed can bash the few chests needed for quests.

    Made it to chapter 6 with only 2 deaths:
    - 1 in chapter 2 in Mutamin's garden. After killing the basilisks with Korax, sent him against the group of adventurers. He managed to stun the 2 Spellcasters before dying, and I was too underleveled to even flee the remaining 2 fighters
    - 1 in chapter 4, misjudged Senyiad's power. He finished casting his charm spell 0.1 seconds before I finished casting Sanctuary.

    I actually did not think I would go this far, the half orc run was just a test before the"real" run as a gnome. I still don't see how I will manage the final fight without reloads/trial and error with a naked C/T

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