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Multiplayer Lobby Servers Down for BG:EE

SpabbSpabb Member Posts: 10
As of my earliest personal attempt on the evening of 6/30/19 @ 11:46pm CST, I was unable to connect to the Multiplayer Lobby to play with my two brothers! Confirmed just now, 7/1/19 @ 10:44am CST, still getting, “Finding The Network Devices On This Host...” and then time’s out after a good while unable to see any games.

There is an tread on Steam of several of us folk who have active multiplayer games of Baldur’s Gate: EE who are getting the same issue, including my two brothers. Steam forum here:

Please, please fix this if possible! Absolutely LOVE this game, have spent a great deal of time creating custom portraits, sound set voice overs and hours playing with my bros! We have our work weeks coordinated around our game time, and, due to different schedules, have only a couple days to play a week. It has been an awesome way to stay connected as we live in different states/time zones!

Any assistances is verily appreciated!

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