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Non-english mods

ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
edited July 2019 in BGII:EE Mods
Does anyone know how many of these german mods were translated to English?

Mod Contributions:


Breagar NPC, Devin NPC, Severian NPC, Macholy's Tweak Pack, Sovereign Quest Mod, Derat's Unused Kits.


Chiara NPC, Malthis NPC,Huple NPC,Uldar NPC, Thael NPC, Gloran NPC, Shar-Teel NPC, Lester NPC, Larsha NPC, Avi Maya NPC, Rukrakia NPC, Frenneden NPC, Elvanshalee NPC.

NPC Expansions:

Sarevok Recovery (Expansion) Mod, Garrick Tales Of a Troubadour.

Merchant/Item Mods:

Vendedor Merchant, YL Items.

Kit Mods:

Shadow Ranger Kit, Rune Singer Kit, Blade Singer Kit, Priest of Bhaal Kit, Pirate Kit.

Content/Quest Mods:

Macholy's Living, Nameless Melody Inn, Dawn of Vampirism, Umbra of TROW, Tomoyo and the Underground City, Hidden Adventures, Haendler Mod, Derat's Ogre.

Found all of these from here:

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