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Lorewise, do sorcerers choose their spells?

Or do they just like wake up in the morning with a new spell in their head, and maybe it suits them or maybe it doesn't?



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited July 2019
    They have an intuitive and innate way to know the spells, but imho nothing in the class description suggests randomness, that is a trait of the wild mage, that is not completely in control.
    A sorcerer is always in control of what
    he knows, but as is not using the logic he is not depending from the scrolls, but has clear limits in what he knows, he has less known spells.
    But the way he gets new spells is intuitive, not random, he uses his innate ability and intuite to explore the magic untill a new spell is known. And he is in control, his research is more similar to a meditation then to study a book, but also in meditation you have plenty of control, you can let the mind run free or you can focalize it on a visualization, a mantra or other.
    I think that innate and intuitive meaning random is a misconception, so a random component can be RP or not as the player likes, according to the in game class description.
    Mechanically a sorcerer has complete control, and this is logic as picking the right spells is a big part of the fun of the class.
    To pick random spells can be done for a different feeling and to add challenge, as it force alternative strategies, but i dont see it as the default mode to play a sorc.

  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,330
    So there's even some form of study involved in the process then. That's kind of cool.

    I read this book about a Forgotten Realms Sorcerer once. The Return of the Archwizards Trilogy. That sorcerer could just mimic any spell he saw performed once, without really understanding what kind of forces he was meddling with. It was a fun idea for a story but obviously it would make for pretty broken gameplay if your sorcerer in Baldur's Gate could cast like that.

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