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Bug: Brage's body does not appear if you guess his riddle, then slaughter him

SidoniusSidonius Member Posts: 24
What ho!

A bug I came across as a lawful evil character:

Brage, captain of the Amnian guard of Nashkel and notorious murderer, located south of the lighthouse, can either be redeemed or turned over to the guard, his mortal coil shuffled off in the latter case.

Upon meeting him, he will pose to you a riddle. Answering incorrectly will trigger a fight, whereupon his body will spawn and can be exchanged for a bounty in Nashkel. Answering correctly will allow you to escort him to Nalin at the Temple of Helm, where he will be forgiven rather than executed.

However, if one answers correctly and THEN chooses to kill Brage, his body does not appear, breaking the quest. I'm guessing the assumption by the developers was that, given the option, players would choose to deliver him to the temple, favoring the path of good, justice, and all that rot.

I bypassed this issue by using EE Keeper to materialize Brage's corpse, but it would be nice to see this fixed on behalf of all brutish ne'er-do-wells who happen to be accompanied 18-intelligence, riddle-solving Red Wizards of Thay. :)

Many thanks!



  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,119
    edited July 2019
    This may be deliberate, so you don't get rewards from the Temple of Helm and then get to claim another reward from Oublek. There's a dialogue choice you make over whether or not to fight him even after asking the riddle I think? If you do slaughter Brage it's likely that Nalin will also go hostile, so it seems reasonable to me that the town authorities wouldn't be interested in rewarding your behaviour (and the Temple has likely already come to an accomodation with Oublek and his superiors in any case). Your opinion may vary of course!

  • SidoniusSidonius Member Posts: 24
    edited July 2019

    Thank you for replying! Re-reading my original post, I think I may have given the wrong impression. From what I wrote, it would be easy to misunderstood that I delivered Brage to the Temple of Helm (completing his quest), slew him (and presumably Nalin) using the attack command, and then tried to collect his bounty from Oublek. If that had been the case, then I agree, the game would have been right not to spawn the body and thus prevent me from collecting the reward from both parties.

    However, what actually happened was that I chose the dialogue option after answering the riddle during the original confrontation and was then denied the proof of my deed. Essentially, it went down like this:

    Brage: *asks riddle*
    Party: *answers riddle*
    Brage: You've freed me! What I've done is horrible! I cannot live with what I've become!
    Party: I care not! You're merely coin in my purse! Time to come along to the garrison!
    Brage: What?! You're no better than common bounty hunters! Die, monsters!
    Brage: *dies*
    Journal: Well, killed Brage today. Time to deliver his body to either Nalin or Oublek.
    Party: *travels to Nashkel, walks expectantly up to Oublek*
    Oublek: You don't have anything we're looking for! Waste not my time so!
    Party: *rips all of Nashkel's phone books in half*

    There is no option not to answer the riddle, so, from an evil RP perspective, I did everything I could to turn Brage over to the guard for his execution. As it stands, the ONLY way to collect his body is to answer the riddle incorrectly, which is unfortunate if you just happen to know or guess the answer.

    Hopefully, that clears things up! Sorry again for being misleading the first time 'round. Being an early Bioware game, there are actually a few encounters I've run into like this, where the evil path is a bit janky, or the designers presumed a virtuous player character. Then again, back in 1998, I think just having an evil option was something of a novelty.

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,119
    Ah, OK, thanks for explaining. Sounds like something may have gone wrong and you were right to CLUA it in then.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,311
    edited July 2019
    This bug will be fixed in the next patch.

  • PingwinPingwin Member Posts: 257
    Did his body drop for you if you get his riddle wrong and then kill him?

    Last time I did the Brage encounter, I deliberately got his riddle wrong and then killed him. His body didn't drop then either so I think the whole riddle bit is a red herring. IIRC if I killed him with CTRL-R, or whatever the key combo is to kill any creature, then his body would drop but any other way seemed to be bugged and using CLUA to get his body was the only solution.

  • Maciek87Maciek87 Member Posts: 2
    This bug still lives. Its a lottery to a drop Brage's body when you kill him. First you must talk with Brage to update journal, without this quest stuck. If you stand too close and Laryssa circle change to red then Brage attack and quest stuck. Your answer on Brage riddle doesnt matter, his body drop randomly. Only quick load and try untill succes.

    Its a big shame that bugs still exist in game, this is Enchanced Edition and have bugs which there was no in original game, and I see it has been reported two years ago, and it should be repaired...

    People dont buy yours game's to do quest via cluaconsole commands or fix bugs himself (ie put in Brage's body to his inventory via eekeper)

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,396
    That "next patch" Julius Borisov mentioned? It's in beta now, more than a year later. This game doesn't have a terribly fast patch cycle.

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