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Multiplayer as creatures

humanisthumanist Member Posts: 3
edited July 26 in Multiplayer
Anyone up to spending the next few days (or possibly more) roleplaying?

I am talking about characters modified in eekeeper. You can be whatever you want - a boring human, a sticky salamander, a puny imp thief, a mindflayer (yep, from the teaser), or I don’t know... a squirrel...?

I am not talking about picking a sorcerer and time stopping the entire game, I am talking about fighters, rangers, monks, thieves and all this sh*t. (Ugh, I don’t really use this word often, feels weird, but serves its purpose in here.)

I am talking about a chill game, you poor little souls. Come and traverse across the lands, accompanied by the likes of what the realm has not seen before.

Contact my humble self via email, please: [email protected]

(As for the time zone, I spend most of my time in Europe, but I am sure we can figure something out if you happen to be a definitely not fat hamburger lover from America or a rice-eater with elvish eyes.)


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