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BG2EE Crashes upon launch.

RoyGuapoRoyGuapo Member Posts: 5
I have BG2 downloaded/installed via Steam. When I try to open it, I get a crash message that says:

There was an error. A crash Report was saved to...C:users/Ashley/Documents/Infinity Engine - Enhanced Edition/crash/dump. contact [email protected]

When I open the crash file, it's just jibberish (at least to me). I've tried Reddit, and they said to try the Beamdog forums (so here I am). I've tried beamdog's support, but that was a while ago and I got nowhere with their suggestions.

A restart used to fix this problem, as it only would happen occasionally. I went to start playing for the first time in months, but tonight, nothing is fixing the problem. I've even uninstalled/reinstalled.

I'm on Windows 10, and it's my gf's computer, so I can't tell you much more than that.

My last resort will be to to give up on the steam version and buy the game on gog - but I worry I'll be spending more money to have the same issues.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 730
    Hi @RoyGuapo,

    If you zip up and attach that .dmp file here I'll try and take a look at what's causing the issue. Just to make sure - do you have any mods installed? A corrupt file in the override folder can easily cause a crash.

    In the meantime I'll call in the cavalry, @Gusinda

  • RoyGuapoRoyGuapo Member Posts: 5
    @Bubb Here is the file, I hope I did that right...

    No mods are installed.

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 730
    edited August 2019
    @RoyGuapo: Thanks, I think I see the problem. It appears your game cannot load the necessary OpenGL functions, and then crashes when it attempts to use them. A driver update for your graphics card might get this working correctly, but I'm no expert in that field. (Gusinda can help you with that once he comes around).

    What I can recommend is flipping the game's renderer from using OpenGL to DirectX. Open the file located at this path in a text editor:
    C:\Users\Ashley\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\Baldur.lua

    Search for this line:

    And replace it with this:

    Once edited, save and close the file before attempting to start the game. (if the line doesn't exist, just copy the replacement into the end of the file)

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    Hi @RoyGuapo, would you be able to press the Windows Key and R together (WIN-R brings up the Run prompt), type in 'dxdiag' and press OK. This will run the diagnostic program with DirectX.

    There is an option on the opening screen of the program to 'Save All Information'. It will create a text file that provides info about your system (specifically system driver info). Can you upload that and we can check if there are any problems with your drivers.

    With what @Bubb is saying above, you may need to make sure you have DirectX 9.0c installed as well. It wont interfere with DirectX 11/12 that you may have installed.

    The provider of the game (beit Steam or GoG) wont make any difference as they are the same game. The Steam version only adds the Steam APIs etc for the Achievements etc.


  • RoyGuapoRoyGuapo Member Posts: 5
    Hi @Bubb and @Gusinda

    Bubb - I couldn't find the file you were referencing. The Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition Folder is empty...basically there is no Baldur.lua to open up.

    Gus - attached is the file you requested.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    Hi @RoyGuapo, you probably wont find it as BG needs to start first to setup the file and it wouldn't have worked anyway as the drivers are not setup. Reading the results of DXDIAG, both drivers for both videoo cards have not been installed. I am guessing that this has been this way since either Windows 10 has been installed or since the latest update.

    If you have a look here, you will find the video driver packages for Windows 8.1 64 Bit. Couldn't find the drivers in the official Windows site so we would need to try these ones first.

    It should at least get the Intel Video card operational. If the NVidia driver doesn't work, then you could have a look here for the latest NVidia driver. If asked, the video card you are installing is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M.

    Hopefully that will get you going. If it doesn't, or you need help with the installation, let me know and I will see if there is another solution out there.

    All the best

  • RoyGuapoRoyGuapo Member Posts: 5
    @Gusinda @Bubb

    Hi guys! First I just want to say thanks for all your help. I think it's really cool that there's still people out there taking time to help others play a 20 years old game.

    So, I have a long story but I'll try to make it short...So, BG2 has actually failed me on 2 different computers, my laptop and my gf's computer. The problem I presented you guys was with my GF's computer, and I will look at those solutions in due time...


    The issue I was having on my laptop was that, whenever I would save (quicksave or autosaving as well) the game would literally take seemed as though the game would crash for a few moments, then recover. Well, you can't play BG when a quicksave takes 3 minutes. That's why I tried to play on my GF's computer instead, thus facing the problems I've explained to you.

    What happened though, is I used @Bubb's suggestion where I changed those 0' to 1's in the .lua file. This fixed the save problem on my laptop, so I've been playing there the last few days with really no issue. The characters seem to move a little clunky/laggy, but it's something I can deal with (unless you guys have a suggestion or a mod to help them move a little faster lol).

    @Gusinda I really appreciate you looking over my dxdiag files and explaining that all to me. I can do computer stuff, but I don't know anything about it without a lot of help. I really appreciate that. Again, I will look into your solutions on my GF's computer, but right now, I've just been excited to be playing on my laptop again.

    I'm 29 years old, and I had this game when it was new(ish), with all it's glorious CD's. However, my parents computer at the time couldn't handle it, and I was probably 11 so I also wasn't smart or focused enough to do much outside the starting dungeon. I'm really glad to be playing again, and I appreciate you guys taking time to help that happen for people like me.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    Hi @RoyGuapo, there is a work around for the long save/transition to area problem. The game should then play nicely in OpenGL (so change back to 0 in the .lua).

    Your GF's PC is currently running on a very basic windows driver which wont allow you/her to do very much at all. I would try to setup the Intel Driver first, then the NVidia. You will probably see an improvement in performance all round once those (or at least the Intel card if not much gaming is done) are setup.


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