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Thac0 query

Hi there,

My first post here, so apologies if this has been asked/answered elsewhere already...

I've just started a new game of PT:EE, having not played the game since the PC version years ago. My memory of thac0 rules might be a bit rusty, but I'm confused by the combat data I'm getting in the first room of the mortuary.

As I understood it, the to-hit value was calculated by rolling d20, and seeing if the number reached your thac0, adding the enemy's AC to your roll. The thing is, I've been scoring "Hit" with some really terrible rolls - rolling a 3 with the nameless one, or a 4 with morte. TNO doesn't have any obvious modifiers (roll is listed as "3+0 = 3. Hit"), and thac0 is listed as 18. Does this mean that the AC of the zombie workers is something really insane, like 15? I always thought that no armour was AC10...

My only thought was that this might be an invisible product of the new version's difficulty settings, with the system bumping rolls up by 5 or so? Or perhaps I've forgotten how this whole thing works!

Any pointers appreciated.



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