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Underdark quests, details lost to the ravages of time? (maybe spoilers maybe paranoid ramblings)

iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 132
Something has been bugging me for a while since I've started playing the EE versions of BG2 - but I'm unsure if it's a genuine recollection, or a fabrication from my alchol sodden brain.

I'm positive I recall an additional level of detail in many of the underdark quests
Specifically I'm sure the game used to track how much Solaufein "liked" you based on answers that you gave in conversation (typically any/wis/cha checks) and use that "like" counter to decide which interactons he would offer in some of the later quests

For example, if you correctly identified what Phaere called the Eye Tyrants(?) as Beholders (wis check) Soluafein would like you more
and if you correclty identified what Solaufen called Devourers as Illithids (int check) then Soluafein would like you more

Later in the Ust Natha quests the game would check how much Solaufein liked you to decide if he trusted you enough to do the Svirfneblin quest alone (meaning you could avoid killing them and take the helmets peacefully) or if he insisted on accompaning you (meaning you were forced to kill them)

All of this content seems to be cut from the EE version of the game. Some of the questions dont seem to be asked, and Solaufein always seems to trust you to do the Svirfneblin quest alone now.

Of course the scripts in this game always were unreliable as hell, so it's possible this is actually just a bug.

Does anyone else recall this? am I going slightly mad? none of the walkthroughs seem to mention these checks any more but I'm positive...



  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,693
    edited August 2019

    It's still in, as far as I can see. Depending on the "SolaufeinLikes" variable he will either tell the player a short sentence why he is so grumpy or threaten if asked etc. To the Snirflebi: if the SolaufeinLikes variable is greater than 0, he will accept the offer and leave them to teh PC. If not, there is still a chance for a PC with CHR greater than 11 that he will accept.

    IF ~ Global("SolaufeinJob","GLOBAL",6)




    ~ THEN BEGIN 101 // from:

    SAY #51496 /* ~Finally, there you are. We shall wait here for the patrol to come to us. One will come soon, I expect, and then we can get this over with.~ */

    IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51497 /* ~Fine. Let's wait for it to arrive, then.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("SolSpeakGnome","AR2100",1)

    ~ GOTO 102

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51498 /* ~Good! I can't wait... this should be easy.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("SolSpeakGnome","AR2100",1)

    ~ GOTO 103

     IF ~ GlobalGT("SolaufeinLikes","GLOBAL",0)

    ~ THEN REPLY #51499 /* ~I can handle this myself, Solaufein, if you would prefer to return to the city.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("SolSpeakGnome","AR2100",1)

    ~ GOTO 104

     IF ~ GlobalLT("SolaufeinLikes","GLOBAL",1)

    ~ THEN REPLY #51500 /* ~I can handle this myself, Solaufein, if you would prefer to return to the city.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("SolSpeakGnome","AR2100",1)

    ~ GOTO 105


    IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 102 // from: 101.0 103.0 104.1 105.0 106.0 108.0

     SAY #51501 /* ~*sigh* It should not be long. Prepare yourself and do nothing idiotic.~ */

     IF ~~ THEN DO ~DialogueInterrupt(FALSE)









    ~ EXIT


    IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 103 // from: 101.1

     SAY #51502 /* ~Hmph. You are actually looking forward to this? The deep gnomes are weak; this is too simple a task. It is almost beneath me to even be here.~ */

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51503 /* ~Let's just get it over with quickly, then.~ */ GOTO 102

     IF ~ GlobalGT("SolaufeinLikes","GLOBAL",0)

    ~ THEN REPLY #51504 /* ~If you don't want to be here, then go. I can handle it.~ */ GOTO 104

     IF ~ GlobalLT("SolaufeinLikes","GLOBAL",1)

    ~ THEN REPLY #51505 /* ~If you don't want to be here, then go. I can handle it.~ */ GOTO 105

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51506 /* ~Any chance to prove drow superiority should be relished. You are weak to suggest otherwise.~ */ DO ~IncrementGlobal("SolaufeinLikes","GLOBAL",-1)

    ~ GOTO 106


    IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 104 // from: 101.2 103.1 105.1 105.3

     SAY #51507 /* ~Hmmm. Perhaps I will take you up on your offer, then. Phaere enjoys making me dance, and I have no desire to comply. Are you sure you can accomplish this?~ */

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51508 /* ~Yes, of course.~ */ GOTO 107

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51509 /* ~Perhaps I was hasty. Let's just get this over with.~ */ GOTO 102


    IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 105 // from: 101.3 103.2

     SAY #51510 /* ~*snort* Leave you to deal with the deep gnomes alone? You would trip over your own feet and be lost. Why would I even consider such a thing?~ */

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51511 /* ~Fine, then. Let's just get this over with quickly.~ */ GOTO 102

     IF ~ CheckStatGT(Player1,11,CHR)

    ~ THEN REPLY #51512 /* ~I fought well against the illithids and a beholder... I can handle the svirfneblin.~ */ GOTO 104

     IF ~ CheckStatLT(Player1,12,CHR)

    ~ THEN REPLY #51513 /* ~I fought well against the illithids and a beholder... I can handle the svirfneblin.~ */ GOTO 108

     IF ~~ THEN REPLY #51514 /* ~I can handle the deep gnomes, but if you would prefer to dance to Phaere's tune, that's up to you.~ */ GOTO 104


    EDIT: I don't know how to hide things in spoiler tags any more.

    Edit by @lolien : I made it work for you @jastey , but it's really tricky, for sure.


  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 132
    This is an incredibly informative and helpful post, thank you!

    My surprise and delight was complete when you casually mentioned that plural of Svirfneblin is Svirflebi

    This is the most pleasing thing I’ve seen on the internet in the last 5 years.

    You’ve taken role-play metagming to a pinnacle of perfection that must have taken decades to achieve. Few can even appreciate it, and fewer still would aspire that high. You’ve mastered the craft - respect

    Thank you, this really did make me smile

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,693
    Orrrrr... It might be I just don't know the exact term, especially in English. (I think Snirflebi is German, at least). :)

    @lolien thanks! I think I understood how it works now.

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