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What are the best weapons to use for Two-Weapon Style?

Both what weapon type and if there are any specific magical items you might suggest.


  • Paulan969Paulan969 Member Posts: 12
    edited August 23
    Bastard swords: Foebane
    Longswords: if not weak enchantment (+3 only) it could be Blackrazor its still very good weapon. Angurvadal probably. In Early Game Daystar
    Hammers: Crom faeyr
    Axes: Axe of Unyielding
    Maces: Storm Star
    Katanas: Celestial Fury in Early Game, Hindo later
    Scimitars: Spectral Brand

    Depend of your playstyle and what you like you can choose from plenty good weapons from each. Those r most valuable and powerful tho.

    In Left Hand you can use Belm +2 which is Scimitar, it adds 1 extra attack per round. With it equipped you r able to have 5 attacks/round core.

    In Addition you can use Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization : +0,5 attack/round +2 dmg, +1THAC0
    You can Switch em with Bracers of Binding Strike which make you deadly with Improved Haste once/day with quite long duration

    Those things r basics you should know. All rest is just personalising depend of what class you play and what enemy you face in the exact moment.

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  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 4,891
    edited August 22
    There's a short-sword (Kundane) that gives +1 apr. There's also a scimitar (Belm) that does the same. Those are popular weapons to use in the off-hand since they grant the extra attack to the main hand. For the main hand you can't go wrong with axes or flails. There are numerous good axes and Flail of Ages is an excellent weapon all the way through Throne of Bhaal. Long swords and bastard swords are also good main hand choices but less super-powered until after SoA. There's also the warhammer Crom Faer that gives the user 25 strength after it's upgraded (and I think it also Insta-kills trolls if I remember correctly). That warhammer is usually wielded in the off-hand as well...

  • Gabeg21Gabeg21 Member Posts: 43
    Main Hand - FOA
    Off Hand - Mace of Disruption, Defender of easthaven, belm, crom fayer

  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 21
    Rounding it out for the fighter/mages
    Dont overlook melfs minute meteors for early and mid game punch. Hits everything, goes through most things, can get to 10 attacks per round easily, can cast and attack in the same round.
    Also for an absurd power gaming fantasy Black Blade of Disaster is good for a laugh. Almost always more trouble than it’s worth, but fun to role play.

  • 20884322088432 Member Posts: 93
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,390
    edited August 29
    As a rule, you want weapons with higher enchantment and good on-hit effects for your main hand. The main hand gets more attacks/round for fighters with multiple attacks. Off-hand weapons are those with passive abilities that adds strength, extra attack, resistance/immunity etc. Off-hand only ever gets one attack in a round so off-hand weapons offensive potential is less important.

    Axe of unyielding +5 is an excellent main hand weapon, that can vorpal-kill enemies instantly. Flail of ages is also great in the main hand for extra elemental damage and slow. Celestial Fury and Blackrazor are wicked, too. They only have +3 enchantment but that is enough for %99 of the monsters. Only a few monsters require +4 or higher to hit.

    In conclusion, it is wise to put your deadliest weapon to your main hand.

    These are good for off-hand: These give passive bonuses that are very useful:

    Defender of Easthaven (damage resistance)
    Belm/Kundane (extra attack goes to main hand, these weapons have weak enchantment otherwise)
    Crom Faeyr (for 25 strength that gives bonus +14 damage. This is not a bad main hand weapon either.)
    Weapons that give charm/horror/domination immunities like the Peridan dragonslayer sword, Equalizer, etc.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 263
    Axe of the Unyielding? I'd rate it higher as an off-hand weapon than a main-hand weapon, actually. The vorpal effect is 10%, with a save at -4 to negate. ToB enemies are going to make that save most of the time; if their base save is 2, then that's 2.5% of hits instantly killing. 40 hits on average to land an instant-kill blow? You'll kill them with damage before that, most of the time. Enemies that save less often? They've got lower hit point totals, so you kill them faster with damage as well.
    And, in terms of damage, that axe is pretty lackluster. 1d8+5 with no elemental bonus is the bare minimum, outshined by all sorts of weapons. It doesn't even deal more damage than the axes (Stonefire, Frostreaver) you could pick up in chapter 2.
    Now, as an off-hand weapon? Improvements to AC and Con are great, and the regeneration is even better.

    If I had a character dual-wielding the Axe of the Unyielding and Crom Faeyr, I'd probably put the hammer in the main hand. It just does a lot more damage, when you include the elemental portion.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,390
    edited August 29
    True enough, but with a warrior's 9-10 attacks/round (grand mastery+improved haste or whirlwind) %10 chance works quickly.

    Most enemies do not have a save vs death of 2 even in tob, especially drows and mage type characters are very suspectible to failing save vs. death. (And IIRC, vorpal effect works through stoneskins) If a mage ally adds greater malison to a crowd, then even a save vs death of 2 becomes a %50 chance of failure. (-8 to save means the enemy must roll a 10 or higher to survive) It is fun to chunk enemies left and right with that set-up.

    One drawback is, if your character wielding a vorpal weapon becomes confused or dire charmed, he becomes a very dangerous threat for the party. Can kill mage npcs permanently. Ofcourse, come tob, Korgan hardly ever fails a save against confusion, but still...

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 476
    Wait, I always thought the Axe of the Unyielding was a "Save vs Death with a -4 penalty" applied to the enemy? Because usually most items state it as "save with a X bonus" when talking about saving throws. So is the description wrong and the vorpal effect's save is actually with a BONUS for the enemy's saving throw?

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,390
    edited August 29
    It means the enemy rolls with -4 penalty to its save, for example if an enemy has a base save of 10, with -4 to save he needs to roll a 14 or better to save. (In effect, his roll of 14 becomes 10, its normal save)

    Chromatic orb offers +6 bonus to enemy saves, so if an enemy has a save of 7, he always succeeds. Because even a roll of 1 becomes 7 with that save. There is no critical failure for the saving throw in bg2.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 4,595
    edited August 29
    lunar wrote: »
    Off-hand only ever gets one attack in a round so off-hand weapons offensive potential is less important.

    Sorry for nitpicking when you are spot-on on the rest, but off-hands get attacks from IH/GWW. Someone smarter than me even checked the order of attacks in an old thread, it was like MH/MH/OH/MH/OH + MH/MH/OH/MH/OH or something similar.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,728
    FoA has a chance to slow the enemy, movement, apr and casting time with no save.
    This and having it early in soa make it a strong MH choice as it has also good dmg and multiple elemental damage to disrupt casting.

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