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Where are all the poison daggers in bg2?

I love these weapons but they are so rare I am wondering how to get every last one.



  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,390
    You mean poison throwing daggers? In my game Arledian (the fence upstairs of Gaelan Bayle) and Rattel the fence (Shadow thief stronghold) have those for sale, and also the half-orc thief lady that appears at night at the right corner of the Slums. I remember looting some from one of the harpers that attack the party during Jaheira's quests. Note that my game is heavily modded, so vanilla game may differ.

  • 20884322088432 Member Posts: 93
    How did you manage to mod Baldur's Gate II? I have never tried but I have gotten all of the poison daggers aside from the harper.

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