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[SOLVED] Effect to gain health with every successful hit

RazielLewachRazielLewach Member Posts: 20
Hi! Here my tests.


This can make something like "heals X hit points" or "heals XDY Hit Points" for each successful hit? It would be awesome but I don't know how to... what to put in Resource and how?

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  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 164
    I looked at that particular opcode and it looks like you need to create an .EFF file first, and then you can set it as the resource in your .SPL file. Creating an .EFF file is basically identical to creating a .SPL.

    For a healing effect you have two choices, you can either do a health drain effect (like Larloch's minor drain), or you can make it simply heal the wielder. For the former you need to use Opcode 12 (Damage) and tick 'Drain HP to caster.' For the latter, use Opcode 17 (Current HP bonus). Hope this helps!

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,282

    To do that, you'll need to create a new .eff file for the effect. You can't do this with EEKeeper; you will need to download NearInfinity. NearInfinity is a program like EEKeeper, but it is more advanced: it lets you modify any kind of file in the game and create new files.

    Once you've gotten NearInfinity started, select from this menu to create a new .eff file:


    Then you can modify the numbers of the effect just like you can in EEKeeper. Here's an effect which heals 1d4 hit points to the caster.


    Finally, in the Set Melee Effect you gave your character, set the Resource 0 slot to the filename of the .eff file you created (e.g. if your file is called RLHEAL.EFF, then set Resource 0 to RLHEAL)

  • RazielLewachRazielLewach Member Posts: 20
    OMG LOT OF THANKS! smyth25 I did not know what is an SPL to start with. It can seem easy when u know it, but I was really REALLY LOST. I even did not know how to open NearInfinity, had to explore and click the right key file... OlvynChuru Lot of thanks, that detailed tutorial really helped me... tested and IT WORKS! This opens a great modding opportunity... With this I can do powerful things... THANK YOU

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