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Problems with NPC- Project Mod for BGEET

MoraxMorax Member Posts: 2
Well, i just bought all the EE - Games and installed the BG EE Trilogy (with additional mods).
I wanted to play with the NPC - Project Mod and at the first glance, it seemed to work fine,
but i discovered, that some components (Banter Speed and Player Initiated Dialogues) were left out.
I tried to install this features manually, but i failed. ( The Weidu - Log in BGEE lists the components as recently installed, but the Weidu - Log for BGEE2 doesn´t)

I would appreciate any possible solutions for my Issue !


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,374
    For EET, you need to install the BG1 NPC Project onto the BG:EE(SoD) game before you do the EET transition. The content will be included into EET accordingly.
    You cannot install or change the install of this mod after the EET transition, as it does not have direct EET compatibility.

  • MoraxMorax Member Posts: 2
    Alright, thanks, i didn´t knew that ! Thats really unfortunate, i wanted to keep my current Installation ....
    Do you know if there´s some other mod (preferably easy to install) which speeds up the banters from the Npc- Project ?

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